1.0.8 bugg?

Was going to play some vermintide, and the 1.0.8 patch is out at 19.8gb ?

I don’t have space for that. Is this a bug or not ?

No, its not. They said that because of the tons of fixes, patch will be huge

Holy damn, a patch with almost the size of a game ,_,

Anyhow. Cheers

Don’t panic - the size is because they had to replace the meshes in many maps to help stop gunners from shooting through walls. The download will be replacing existing files, so your total game install size probably won’t change that much.

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Yeah it will not be ~20gb added to total game size.
Not trying to be rude but its right in the patch notes about the download size.

Just read about it, cheers :slight_smile:

Sounds really good :slight_smile: had a panic for about 10-15 min

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