Just got a 5.8GB update. Is this the 1.6 BETA that’s being pushed live? Also, did this update replace the files from the beta? Cause the beta was already 5GB… Just wondering cause my game is sitting at 75GB now. It’s getting pretty big, lol. By the time the next few DLCs hit, we’re gonna be around 100GB.

Can we expect the anniversary content to drop later today? Took the kid to school, was looking forward to getting some games in this morning.

They will probably make a post in the announcement section soon

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This concern has been raised before, and there has been some answer to it too. Basically, how updating stuff in Steam (at least) works is that everything is just added to the old files, increasing the space on disk by a lot. The size could be reduced by doing a “remaster” of the game, integrating all the updates and new stuff with the base game, but that would require for everyone to reload the whole game - not a nice prospect for many, either.

But I’m thinking it’s started to get to where the remaster might not be a bad idea anymore… Maybe after WoM?


I wouldn’t have an issue with a remaster. Living in Sweden, 1Gb connection now lol. But I remember having a 8Mbps connection, that wasn’t fun…

Just getting worried as I might actually grab a new SSD for the game. Only got like 15GB free on my current one. I’d have to start deleting other stuff soon. And I’m not putting the game on my normal Hard drive.

1.6 has been pushed live with some additions. The patch notes will be published shortly! As for the size of it, it’s my understanding that this patch overwrote the Beta with the addition of the upcoming event being included (which is indeed dropping later).


The key is to have strong, dwarven PC build with 3 SSDs; one for the OS and two more for games and content. A 1TB SSD isn’t too expensive nowadays, either!

Needless to say, I think the disk-space thing is a little scary, but I can also imagine that there’s a lot of over-writing happening when we perform that download, as Julia said.

I’m wondering if they’ll ever call a fresh-install of the game. That would be a LOT of data downloaded :stuck_out_tongue: thousands of people reinstalling a game this big sounds sorta impressive.

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