Any knowledge about 3rd may patch?

Title summarizes : >

New contract system
New character
New weapons and items
New enemy faction
New Bosses
All bugs fixed
Vermintide 3 release date announced



3 ? wat

Those are some ENORMOUS aspirations … but damn … crossing everything that can be for it to work : D

Edit: fukking hell very funny guys.

I heard the patch today apparently download’s some more RAM to your system for completely free , i think like 2 extra GB’s worth :relieved: excitement


Should be a beta patch from what i heard, means it will not released to public, if you want to try it you need to set “beta” in game proprietes…

I heard the new patch will make vermintide a virtual reality game!

i’m already virtually living in vermintide… work and sleep is just a nuisance!

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You know parts of V1 was available in VR?

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Lol, I did not realize that. That is pretty cool actually

Yea, i found the info not too long after. I just hadnt watched streams, and the info wasnt out there until they released it.

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