What's in need of adjustment? - The unpopular list

I’ll speak for myself and my own experiences.

Ditch the whole THP generating talents. Thats what i want. Lets see how many people playing Cata currently would lose significantly on legend because they cant generate THP and have to rely on either health items or health regen.

Haha very funny.

Seriously though, the THP generation is too much and way too many players are focusing on it to the point where they actually see it as inherent part of the game to use THP generation. These people are hating on everything that can efficiently deal with hordes, only because they need hordes for THP generation. Yet why would they need THP in the first place if they were good enough to just not get downed? THP is a noob trap and even “messed up” a whole career.

I am not a perfect player. I’ve done the bare minimum for Cata stuff and I frequently play on Legend. I make mistakes or maybe the game lags but for all that, I can still make up for mistakes by fighting for THP.

What you propose? Boring as hell to me. You SOUND LIKE you don’t want to give players a chance to make up for the mistake they made by taking this damage. “Just revive next time bro and play smarter” is my line of thinking if you take away THP. If I’m hanging on by 5 HP and there’s no healing around and I’m basically a 1 hit goner. After a horde I would just tell my team to kill me and revive me at the next respawn point so at least I can move on with half my pool.

If you think thats okay, then you think thats okay.

THP is fun because I get this kind of experience: 3 downed teammates, I got a greyscreen and I’m desperately fighting back a horde while trying to reach them. Every time I get hit, my heart sinks but I keep on generating THP to survive and make a comeback. I’ve seen that guy and I’ve been that guy.

Everyone else is good at this game but I’ll f*cking say it. I’m not. (Somebody wanted to hear that) :rofl: I take lots of damage and I don’t always play perfectly. Fatshark’s implementation of THP is good IMO because it doesn’t trivialize losing health but gives you a chance. I stand by that. Yes I can get a ton of THP from ults and stuff but that doesn’t mean I can’t get cornered and instantly killed again. THP also has a psychological effect where seeing that grey bar reminds me that I screwed up before and that I have to play it smarter.


Yes I agree with that. Plus without THP we’d run healshare like we did on VT1. And we’d see a lot of teamkills to reset, which in my mind is so much worse than THP for the health of the game (pun not intended).

Morover, the big difference compared to the first game is the sheer amount of enemies, it was allright for VT1 to “punish” you for taking a hit, when there were so few enemies at all times.

Removing THP will just kill any melee class in the game.

Remember when it was THP from shooting? In 95% of games you saw only ranged classes like Pyro BH RV Huntsman. And one Slayer who does nothing but taking FF.

Becouse ANY player in melee will take damage. Becouse of mistakes, damage from glob\ratlings or just becouse of FF.
So any melee class will just eat all your health potions for pretty much nothing.

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If I had to guess we three all signed up for the forum on the exact same day thanks to that and chance yeah, fairly certain we were all in it :stuck_out_tongue:

On the topic of thp generation: the actual thp generating talents are in a fairly good place imo, cleave and on kill are both good (cleave is maybe a bit too good), stagger is good with the right weapons (can be a bit of a trap for newbies though).

Crit/headshot thp is woefully bad even with great headshot rate , it flat out underperforms vs cleave, and huntsman’s ranged thp on headshot talent seems fairly meh from playing it, it’s easier to just farm thp by staggering - I’d rather it worked as a set duration buff during which time thp can’t degen - this would encourage still doing some melee to generate the thp in the first place but let you ‘save’ your thp buffer over time. Maybe tie it to killing specials/elites rather than headshots to encourage killing priority targets not farming fodder.

Mainly the overabundance of thp ults are what is causing the imbalance. If you play on a team without merc and unch (and to a lesser extent rv, although his at least forces you to stay in the ult area and doesn’t give you the thp outright) you can generate thp reliably but if you eat hits you’ll lose it again fast, having a merc or unch on the team means everybody is swimming in thp all the time.

For unch Bomb Balm needs to go. It was stupid in the first place, it was already clear in the wom beta it would become an autopick and guess what it did.

Merc I’m not so sure how to handle. Apart from the CC, his ult helps to give teammates a safety net and I don’t want to take away from that too hard, but the thp is a bit much.

Totally random, possibly bad but probably unique idea:

Replace thp on merc’s ult with a ‘parry’/shield ability: for 8s the next two non-aoe attacks affected allies suffer get ignored (would function like a parry from the parry trait, but it worked whether they have their melee, ranged or ulti out - unblockable boss attacks and special grabs would obviously still go through). This barrier would cap at two stacks maximum so you can’t get a ton from spamming his ult.

For ult talents, right now merc has CDR and two defensive talents, one proactive (25% DR), one reactive (revive). I propose we condense that into one defensive, one offensive and one CDR, e.g.:

  1. On yer feet mates (defense, proactive and reactive component) - Downed allies are revived and damage barrier provides three stacks instead of two for 8s.
  2. Ready for action (CDR/spammability) - 20% cooldown reduction but damage barrier lasts 4s.
  3. Just training, that’s all (offense) - allies no longer receive damage barrier, instead allies gain 50% increased cleave on their melee weapons and ranged weapons reload 20% faster for 8s.

I think the reason it ends up too strong is because Merc gets a lot of cooldown both from hitting things and from being hit. This means he can hit trade for quicker ults and just generally benefits from getting his safety net back very quickly whenever he cops a hit.

I say first step is at least tone down how much cooldown he gets for being hit. It fits FK thematically much better and there’s no reason Merc should also get this advantage. Maybe tone down how much cooldown he gets from hitting things too, considering he already gets the bonus of hitting more things per swing to begin with.

As a side note to the Ult generation discussion, has anyone else noticed that deepwood staff primary fire builds SotT’s Ult meter silly fast? It’s kinda crazy.


Makes sense, it seems to tick up for each of the four projectiles that land rather than once for the burst as a whole. If you miss some in the four round burst it ticks up a lot less.

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