Big Balance Thread

The idea of this thread had been up in the air for quite some time for me, as the current state of the game is leaving a lot to be desired for everyone.
For this reason, I have been trying to gather ideas and feedback given by different people in regards to the game’s balance, so they can be compiled together into one big suggestion and presented to Fatshark. If a common ground is reached, even the community itself would be able to test out these ideas via creation of a Mod to further prove the concept to the developers!
As a foreword:

  1. Changes and suggestions would be focused on unmodded difficulties and game modes, as Fatshark employes had stated on multiple occasions that the game should not be balanced around mods.
  2. These suggestions aim to fix current problems rather than changing the whole game from the ground up.
  3. If you disagree with some of the ideas or have something of your own you wish to add, feel free to comment and share your input on the topic at hand, but please stay polite and don’t fall into tribal “us vs them” mentality. We are a community. We need to unite and reach a common ground if we want things to change.

Now, here is the list of suggestions:

Feel free to comment in the thread, as well as add comments to the text via the GoogleDoc’s comment feature. The more ideas the better.


Anything I don’t comment on here I’m either just not sure about or don’t feel strongly enough to comment. From the top:


I think that’s fine for all but HM’s aura. That aura is probably too strong to get double the radius.

Damage Reduction

Pitting damage reduction against health will always lead to one just being mathematically superior, and the other irrelevant. In the case of the numbers you’ve given some quick effective health math shows that 20% HP beats 15% DR in every instance, and that’s without even accounting for multiplicative DR and how popular Barkskin already is.

Enhance Training

Seems like this just simultaneously makes this talent less potent and less interesting at the same time. Why would you ever take 5% extra attack speed over 15% raw power?

Thrill of the Hunt

Seems like it’d be a plus for blunderbuss, and a minus for handgun. With current Thrill of the Hunt handgun can headshot one special/elite, then has time to body shot two more while still getting the quicker reload. Changing the talent like this would hurt consecutive snipes with handgun a lot. Honestly think the base version of the talent is fine, its just Manbow, and to a lesser extent Blunderbuss’s interaction with it that is problematic, even then it’s not a big deal if not every talent is for every weapon.

Shot Crafter

Why would you buff this talent?

Inspiring Blow

Seems like it would be simpler to just increase the regen amount, buffing the duration increases the chance you reset it while it’s active and don’t get the full effect each proc.

Impetuous Knight

Yo that talent has a duration of 15 seconds. That’s a long time for a 25% AS bonus on a short ult cooldown. That’s too much, for too long. I would recommend numbers, but I’m not sold on the general idea and think just granting attack speed for using your ult is a bit dull.


Why would you buff this passive?

Exhiliarating Vapours

Just wanna point out that getting rid of most of the attack speed bonuses in this tree also makes throwing axes even more unplayable on him. I’m really not sure Exhilarating Vapours currently stands out over Ranger’s Parting Gift, that is a pretty absurd talent yo.

No Escape

This one is already at least equally as popular as Crunch, why buff it?

Building Pressure

This seems kinda pointless. If you’re losing a stack every hit of your minigun then you’re still losing all your stacks in about a second of firing.

Gromril Plated Shots

Doubling super armour damage seems too much. 20% → 30% is already a 50% buff, that would be plenty combined with the useability buffs.

Spirit Arrows

Why do this in a way that is massively more impactful for Hagbane (one of her strongest weapons) than for swiftbow (one of her weaker weapons)?

Nerf Flense

If we’re gonna touch on WHC, should probably nerf Flense… just saying.

Blessed Combat

I do like the idea, but if we’re gonna steal Armour Piercing Slugs’ idea, why make it such a weak knock-off of it?


Why kill the only fun Zealot build?

Martial Study.

This just seems entirely inpenetrable to most players. It won’t get picked because nobody will want to calc whether or not it’s actually a buff for their build.


TBH I prefer what the Onslaught Tourney Balance mod did with this talent.


Would you say that reducing stamina recovery effect by half is a good move, if aura radius is doubled?

From what I know, one of the main reasons why Barkskin is so popular is the utility of it working when the player goes down. Many people would have gladly used other options otherwise.
But I hear you. I just feel like this specific case wouldn’t really be an actual problem considering what we currently have.

If I am not mistaken, I pulled this idea from one of the Core’s balancing docs/discussions.
I have already though that I should probably bump the number to 20%, but was not sure.

As far as I know, Handgun can already kill most things on a body-shot and the main thing it struggles with is reloading under pressure. Every time I played Handgunsman, I ran into the same problem - I shoot and can’t take advantage of the reload speed bonus, because I have to switch to my melee to clear some space, and by the time I am done, the bonus is already lost.
Meanwhile, Blunderbuss, while benefitting from it, wouldn’t really really become too much stronger than it is already. It’s already a crowd-weapon.

I think it’s another one I pulled from Core’s docs. I agree, it’s not the most required change, so scrapping it would probably be fine.

You might be right. I will add it to the doc.

Grail Knight has no innate attack speed bonuses. As a melee only career he lives and breathes on being able to attack, block, and switch weapons fast enough, so giving him access to it in exchange for basic 1 hit ult seems fair to me. Trade Boss Nuke and Crowd Sweep for raw martial prowasse.
Also, the current state of the talent is widely accepted as a meme and needs something to be changed about it to become relevant.
But I agree, numbers are probably too big. I will tone them down.

Because currently there is a problem of it being “feast or famine” depending on the talent choices.
Some weapons only get about 1-2 point of ammo from his bags and would probably like to get a bit more.

Throwing axes need their animations sped up on a weapon-balance level.
I also don’t know if I want to touch Ranger’s parting gift. If you have a good suggestion, I would be glad to hear it out.

I have seen people suggest this, so I thought it might be good. Like Shot Crafter, it’s not a massively important change and can be scrapped with no harm.

Both yes and no. It’s one of the changes that was done by KrazedKirb in his engi rework. It was a welcome change for me, sine you can usually kill a SkavenSlave in about 1-2 shots, so that one little bastard coming from behind becomes less of a nusance.

I don’t know about you, but I tried playing with this talent and it felt beyond horrible. Spending 15 seconds and an entire ult bar firing into a CW and still not being able to kill him made this talent dead to me personally.
If these numbers prove too high, they can always be adjusted to a lower value, but making Super Armor higher is very important as it turns his crank-gun into a Slow-Firing anti-tank cannon, so not giving it enough stopping power just feels very wrong.

I wrote this one after seeing some comments in Core’s balancing doc. I remember that Amaranthe used to regen armor back in the day and went with the laziest option. So if you can crunch the numbers and suggest an alternative, I would honestly be more than thankful!

If we touch his lvl 10 talents, we risk upsetting the masses balance of the career too much. WHC is not in dire need of changes. Trying to “fix” him wil ljust inctroduce more problems. But I have to confess, I have seen multiple people say that Flence needs to be toned down

Bounty Hunter’s lvl 20 row has historically revolved around his Blessed Shots (at least if my memory is not betraying me). I wanted to keep it thematic.

Because I have never seen anyone run it and not fail miserably. It doesn’t provide direct survivability like the other talents inthe same row. As far as I have seen, it was a meme talent.

I actually doubt that. It is a buff to her direct damage, allowing for better sniping potential. I think people would actually pick that.

I find Tourney change to be unnecessary. Pyro is already a high crit chance career due to her passive. She also has another talent that grants her crit chance (Spirit Casting). So giving her another crit chance talent feels… off.
Especially when the most common complaint about Burning head is how hard it is to get value out of. And I have seen a few people suggesting double skulls (Burning Twins).

Yeah but that’s also kinda messy, since then you’re directly impacting the benefit HM herself gets from it as well. IMO best to just leave her aura entirely as is.

Again, consecutive sniping is something you can sort of get away with with HS, largely due to this talent and his Ult. I would be very surprised if Cata+ Hunstman mains prefer your suggestion to how it is now, but hopefully some will chime in and give their opinion.

I can’t say I’ve found this to be the case personally, but let’s look at the numbers currently:
2 ammo for handgun
3 ammo for crossbow
2 ammo for GR
3 for MW Pistol

Considering that can be supplemented by ammo traits, and you only really need to last ammo crate to ammo crate, those number all seem fine to me. Then you have the option of Grugni’s if you want to go full spam with hunter/barrage/whatever on your ranged weapon. Like I’m not super against the change, but I struggle to see it as at all necessary.

Sure, throwing axes do need work done on them. Regarding Ranger’s Parting Gift, was just pointing out I don’t see a reason to nerf Vapours if you’re not also gonna touch Parting Gift. That said I have no idea how one would tackle Parting Gift without ending up just gutting it.

If that’s your aim just make it that you lose a stack on kill, that seems like a better trigger condition for those instances.

I’ve also played with the Onslaught Tourney Balance mod, that I believe uses the same number for the super armour buff, then watched my mate mow down an entire Cata Chaos Pat at the start of Righteous Stand with GPS withno pots, just me as FK holding them in place for him. Incremental change is just a generally sensible approach IMO.

I’ll have a think what % would hit good breakpoints across all her ranged weapons and post later what conclusion I come to.

He’s dummy strong but at least every other part of his kit is fairly high skill cap to get amazing results with. Flense just goes brrrrr and generates crazy damage for hitting things. IMO if we’re gonna attempt a rebalance this wide reaching, nerf some of the dumb stuff.

Understandable, just bothers me seeing outright worse versions of other class’ talents, feels wrong.

I’ve seen @Velsix win true solos with it (Cata or DW, can’t remember). If anything, being able to outrun all the enemies is actually dummy strong. Not everything has to be changed because they’re not popular. At least running Zealot this way you actually need map knowledge and kiting routes, you don’t just drool while hit trading.

But at the cost of your crit damage, on a class that crits very very often. I dunno, it’s just seems needlessly complicated to work out if your crits hit harder or softer than without it, considering how confusing crit bonus math already is.

I think you’re missing the point. The problem with Exhaust is that being at high heat is desirable for Pyro, so why would you want to throw away your buff on Ult? The way the Tourney mod handles it you basically just get a grace period, wherein you can build your heat back up after ulting without losing all your crit chance in between. It basically lets you use the ult as a way to get a longer ranged burst period.

Your idea is also cool, just kinda overlaps with Blazing Echo quite a bit.

I’ll come back to this thread a little later to address the weapons section.

Edit: After thinking about Spirit Arrows for a while, I think 3% ammo regen per tick (every 10 seconds) would be a conservative but reasonable choice. Assuming it rounds the same way as scrounger, that would be:
3 arrows for swift bow
1 arrow/javelin for javs/longbow/hagbane
3% energy refill for moonbow
That’s pretty conservative, but at 4% longbow gets 2 arrows per tick, which would mean it gets fully refilled ~every 3 and a half minutes, which seems kinda strong, and at 5% hagbane gets 2 arrows every tick, which is pretty unacceptable to me lol.

Now to address weapons:

Two-handed Sword
Make pushstab chain into an overhead heavy attack

Seems really unecessary to me. Greatsword already has an incredible satisfying anti-armour rotation, and kills every elite shy of CWs plenty quick on Cata. It’s fine that it’s weak to CWs, since it has the rare privilege of cleaving them and dispatching everything around them. I’m not super against this idea, I just think Greatsword is pretty perfect as it is, or more, if it’s lacking anywhere, then it’s the superfluous light attacks.

Might need a buff

I don’t think it really does. I’d use it on BH all the damn time if he had access to THP on cleave. When I was playing around with the THP/Stagger talent rebalance mod I did in fact use Falchion all the damn time on BH and it felt great.

I probably might need other people’s opinion on it…

The keywords are “Headshot” and “Cata+”.
Huntsman has a very hight skill requirement to even start enjoying it. And the arguments about it are very counter-productive because any time anyone tries to bring it up, they are slammed with “just play bluntsman then”.
And I don’t mean to offend Cata+ players, they are skilled as hell, but this is not the difficulty the game is supposed to be balanced around, according to Fatshark themself. (If I remember correctly Cata 2 and 3 came from Weaves, where Hero Power is ridiculously higher than the one we have in Campaign). I hope they can bear with me here, and suggest a somewhat grounded alternative to my idea.

Strange. I could swear it gave only 1 ammo to handgun… Oh well… wiat! Have you factored in the bonus ammo pool or just the default one? Maybe that affects things.
But, in any case - I would still like to at least try this change out to see if things would actually end up being bad.

Fair point. I will wait for other inputs on this, but yeah, maybe attack speed nerf might not be necessary.

I am not sure about that one. It risks overbuffing the weapon in certain situations and making it even less intuitive than it already is…
I might need to reflect on this.

I see… I will take note of that! Thanks for the input :open_mouth:

I kinda feel like flence has to be the “numbers gor brrrrrrrr” option in his kit. Simple talent with a simple effect.
Maybe bleed indeed needs to be reduced in some way. Maybe make it stack less, but last a bit longer to spread the damage itself over a longer period of time.

Maaaaaybe bump the number up to 2? xD
In all seriosuness, I need people’s input on BH. I don’t play him as much and have hard time thinking of good changes for him.

Key word - “true solo”. They are not reflective of the game and Fatshark shouldn’t really balance around them. Yes, it is VERY strong to be able to outrun every enemy in the game, but at the same time, it turns into a talent that only a chosen few know how to use and the rest are left with 2 serious and 1 meme option.
(Also, dodge dancing is probably more interactive than hit-trading. Just saying. xD)

It trades randomness for something I have seen quite a few people ask for - consistency.
But yes, it does require a bit of number-crunching. Still should be worth it though!

Hm… I see. But that just leads to her getting even more critical hit chance as a result, since after dumping heat she can just get it back up again, while also getting a 30% crit chance for 10 seconds. As a result, you can just reach redundant crit chance numbers.
And I agree, my idea does overlap with Blazing Echo. I just don’t know how to go about it. >_>

Okay, I will change this part, thanks for the numbers!
Though I feel like Amaranthe ticks a bit more oftern than every 10 seconds… :thinking:

Speaking from experience - 2hSword is GOOD weapon and I am fine with it being weak agains super armor
Having to spend 15 seconds on a fully stacked Zealot just to kill 1 CW on Legend is what seriosuly holds it back for me and why I can’t see myself using it on any other career. If it gets the ability to kill armored enemies faster (not instant, not fast, just faster than it does now) that would be perfect and I, personally, would have no more complaints.
And I am probably not alone in this.

Hm… Well, that’s basically the reason why I said “might”.
Though I feel like it is just outclassed by A&S at the moment… But I might be wrong.

So, move speed is ok and removing every single move speed talent just because a few people don’t like it is boring. For every person who complains “what’s the point?” on the forums, there are several other someones having legitimate fun with them.

Too many buffs. The THP/Stagger rebalance mod gives characters too much, not particularly gross but a hair too much homogenising of talents and builds (the best way to balance the level 15 row is to remove it, but I concede)

Changing crit power to also include headshot damage has a potential of being too strong of a buff, particularly for classes with access to Assassin and generally good headshotting weapons.

That’s just the specific stuff, I mean there’s a huge list of buffs and I would like to present the concept that we here brainstorm buffs from the perspective of whichever highest difficulty we play. I know it’s possible to discuss buffs and nerfs at the same time, but I really come to believe for this game, nerfs should happen first so FS and the community can see how the game experience changes when you don’t have MoonJav handmaidens sucking up every enemy on the map like a blackhole of infinite ammo weapons.

And then after that, I think the most problematic classes in game (personal opinion) are Pyro and Shade. By problematic i mean they’re just a nightmare of bad mechanics and balances that are questionable and most likely impossible to realistically balance. These classes need an entirely new career passive in addition to heavy talent changes.

Crit chance specialization is already a very rough thing on the game’s balance. Huntsman manages to be largely, and amazingly ok about it. I give BH a pass because his passive doesn’t affect his melee and right now in game are limitations to his survival that justify his power. I personally love WHC, people in this forum probably want to see his insta kill on headshot removed, I would like to see if an argument can be made to make that passive a talent instead because it truly does get stronger the more difficult the game is. Shade’s crit capabilities is overblown and too much, Cloak of Mists was a mistake, but even without it the class needs a good hard look at what it’s supposed to be vs what feasibly works in game. Pyro’s passive is just not good for the game, she will always be either too strong or too weak and people will always lobby to remove OC slowdown because this class wants to be at high OC. Pyro absolutely needs to be reworked and should no longer be a crit specialist class (realistically, she’s a better melee career when very little of her suggests she should ever be in melee).


For sure, not trying to assert I am some kind of balance god with all the right answers, just giving my own position on all of this.

To be clear by “Cata+” I was really just referring to those who play him a lot on Cata, as well as those who may go beyond that into twitch, deeds, or whatever else. Regardless, I don’t play HS enough to feel confident in my opinions here. Can’t remember who around here plays a lot of HS, but hopefully they’ll chime in on this talent.

TBC I got these numbers from going into modded, spawning then killing a special and picking up a base pouch with each weapon as RV. Checking that against the math, we can see the Survivalist pouches don’t work quite the same way as scrounger, and actually round down until you hit the next whole number breakpoint. EG for MW Pistol’s 36 max ammo as RV, 10% is 3.6, so if it worked like scrounger rounding you’d get 4 ammo, but in practice I got 3. Since Handgun has like 24 ammo as RV it very safely gets 2 ammo per pouch.

Something like that yeah. 1 less max stack would at least make it less ridiculous on his most meta weapons like rapier and billhook.

Yeah it’s tricky, but it’s hard for me to see it as being terribly relevant as +1 pierce restricted only to blessed shots. The main weapon that would genuinely benefit from it is volleybow, and I don’t see it feeling or operating very well with a restriction like that.

I agree it’s not a terribly team oriented pick, though it is a godsend for clutches, including getting off revives. I just find it to be a fun way to play him, like a mobility based glass cannon. Again, I think it’s OK for talents to be a bit niche, it really doesn’t matter how you change this though if you leave holy fortitude as is. It’s such an easy option it’s gonna be dominant over anything that isn’t itself over powered. Current Crusade at least leads to a somewhat unique playstle.

I can’t remember how it worked exactly in the mod, but the way I see it working is that your passive stacks are locked at whatever level they were when you ulted (or at max if you want to be generous), then you can’t restack the passive on top of that, you just get to keep the stacks regardless of your heat for the duration (probs 5-10 seconds). Hence it’s not extra crit chance, just a way to make the ult venting your heat not spike your crit chance downwards. Basically the playstyle would be that you build to critical overcharge, Ult, then use the locked stacks time to get out another heat bar’s worth of spells.

My pleasure. Regarding Amaranthe tick rate I just got that number straight from, which I think tends to be pretty up to date and accurate?

Yeah understandable. Perhaps following push attack with light attack does a medium damage half sword stab? I could see that being satisfying and rewarding finesse nicely without boosting single target DPS too much. Of course asking for more animation work outside of new DLC at this point is probably a bit optimistic…

Well yes and no. Compared to A&F it has 5% more dodge range (A&F still has kinda too good dodges at 20% range and 4 effective dodges IMO), and it gets linesman on its light attacks, whereas A&F only has linesman on its push attack. Hence when you’re doing your light chain you have a significant amount more control, and thus safety with falchion, making it a nice option for a boy as squishy as BH.

The slayer level 10 row change will very likely result in “A thousand cuts” becoming 100% picked and any other options on the row becoming obscure.

The only real option for changing that row is replacing the 5% crit with a talent that actively promotes taking the missing option. A weapon combo of a heavy and a light weapon that is.

Maybe attackspeed for the heavy and power for the light?

lvl 10
Blood Shot
No longer affects ult

Bugfix xd

Previously it did not actually affect the ult but it started doing it when CW was released.

Drakira’s Alacrity
Duration increased 5 → 10 seconds

Honestly this talent could be merged with fervent huntress and possibly the proposed ricochet too and it´d still not get picked over bloodshot or serrated since they are too important for her ranged ability.

Meanwhile the level 25% row has a similar problem with the Asrai focus talent. Twice so if Kurnous reward actually gets nerfed since ammo becomes a bigger problem. If ammo sustain per ult is cut then she will seek more ults in turn unless using a weapon with built-in sustain.

For those weapons the proposed changes might be a buff, and i´ll happily take something like 25% crit javelins with bloodshot…but it´s OP.

Don’t touch Unchained’s “Chain Reaction”… This is the main talent I’ve been using since its revamp. I love his talent, he adds a personal touch to this career.

I will be really disappointed to see it disappear for a redesign as banal as that.

Well, you have been right OP. There is a lot lot lot of powercreep. There is so much in these suggestions I disagree with that even trying to start a discussion would lead nowhere :sweat_smile: From the point of playing Cataclysm in public games, there is very little which actually needs buffs to be viable or fun. The main issue is with some stuff being overshadowed by outliers which should simply be toned down.

As such I would in general support this statement as I also said previously:

First nerf things and look how it plays out. Afterwards it can still be buffed. But these last two years we have mostly seen buffs, buffs, buffs, some more buffs and the release of overpowered weapons in addition to the powercreep of buffing already existing stuff.

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Crusade is pretty solid but has a higher skill floor than Fortitude so it gets overlooked. Plus the players who run ahead give it a bad name.

As far as teams go it’s great. Movement speed means reaching allies sooner. Like T. Spear’s reach. Sounds niche but it makes a difference even in close quarters and gives a wide effective area of control.


The change to Thrill is lackluster. You can trigger Thrill by shooting into a wave before Prowl to increase dps. Yours achieves basically noting. Camping on melee for five seconds is a far too huge amount of time for a range career.
You also need to hit heads anyway to regain ammo. Might aswell take the reload on top.

Nerfing Battering Ram. Sigmar. There is already no reason what so ever to not take Bull. That change doesnt make it better. For me, its hard to see anything but the Tourney Rebalance changes as appropriate. Those atleast make him able to smell the highs of a Merc, even with the bugged stagger states.

The GK changes seem just like random numbers, especially since VoKT stays “unchanged”. Its one of the biggest traps in the game. In one line with “crit power”.
The changes to Heroism and VotI I cant understand either. Heroism is objectively the superior Talent in Legend and below. It hands you all the breakpoints without needing to stack anything. On Cata the extra cleave and 5% damage you get from VotI are starting to see value.

That Confidence is also an “unchanged” candidate is fun. Its lackluster in every way. Its cleave is insufficient and the hitbox all over the place. There is a bunch of threads about it in this forum.

The most amusing is probably the weapons tab. Mace&Sword unchanged, but Exe… random numbers again? Exe needs to get the 15% attack speed back it got robed by a decision that was made solely on the pickrate. Back than it was balanced for the same reason Coghammer if fine right now. Every time you enter a “guts hit the fan” situation, you are screwed with your two effective dodges with no range. Cog and the former Exsword were the only heavy weapons that could compete with the high mobility good at everything weapons.

Some line that need changes to most, Like WHC line 10, are basically untouched, and other Talents that would need an edge to compete get random increases that do nothing, like BH line 30.

Iam not sure what I expected. Maybe that someone read through Ice, this Forum, and Tourney, mixed them up, and sprinkled some Ideas on top? Not “unchanged” and random numbers. Thats for sure.

My mistake then. Sorry.

If I recall correctly, the basic handgun has 11 ammo (not counting the one in the chamber), and the RV/Huntsman have like… 16 or 17?
But the problem is - teammates, who might need ammo for various reasons don’t necessarily have the 50% ammo passive like RV does. So, if my math is not off, then the Footknight with a handgun only gets 1 bullet per pouch. Granted, I don’t know if 15% would actually affect it.
Fine. I will dash out this part.

I will write that down, thank you!

Yeah, after thinking on it for some time, I realized it was probably not a good idea. :frowning:
Now the question is - what to do with it, if we even try to make a talent themed for Blessed Shots?
“Reduces ranged spread by 20% while Blesseds shots is active”?
“Blessed shots explode”?

I will mark it down so other people may step in and give some input. :thinking:

If it would work like that then I think, I can actually get behind it. I will write it down.
Though I feel like this would be a headache to code.

No, I know Amaranthe says it ticks once per 10 seconds, I just feel like it does it actually does it more often in smaller increments. But I might be wrong.

Everyone wants a Half-Sword stab, me included xD
I just suggest overhead Hassan Chop because it has more chances to be done via a mod (just reuse ExSword animation, but with different numbers)
And when it comes to new animations - don’t forget, we got Pistol Ocelot Saltzpyre, so there is still hope :smiley:

Hm. That puts things to an interesting perspective. Thanks!

I am actually not entirely sure if that would be the case.
Yes, 15% max HP is bland and I though of it as the most basic option. If people give more specific alternatives, I will write them down.

Not entirely sure what you meant by that

+X% Attack Speed for Heavy attacks and +Y% Power for Light attacks?
I fear it might make dual hammers even more popular than they are now, but I am willing to write down the option… What numbers would you suggest?

Yeah, I know. I just feel like this has to be written down, otherwise I’d get slack for not including it >_>

Well, probably not to THAT extent, but I get what you are saying.
A fair bit of Waystalker changes I have pulled from Core’s balance doc (not the Tourney one), because I don’t play elf as much. So each piece of feedback and each suggestion is greatly appretiated!

I have seen quite a number of people saying that Chain Reaction is a meme.
And I can sort of agree with them to an extent. Thit talent’s value is very hard to measure, because:

  1. “Explosion” is just a stagger.
  2. It only triggers if enemy burns to death.
  3. It only has 40% chance to proc.

So, if you have a suggestion on how to make it a more serious talent with more noticeable impact, then I will gladly put it in!

Sure. If you would like to suggest what has to be toned down, I would like to get your input.
But one very important thing to remember is: how would your nerfs affect the average players? Will they actually enjoy playing the game, or will it be similar to Winds of Magic, which had some people praising it for “finally making the game hard”, while vast majority of people cursed Fatshark for ruining their experience?
This game lives by having a community of both hardcore and casual players enjoying it.

In short - fine. If you don’t like the buffs, suggest what you want to be nerfed. I will write it down.

Well, you are not the first person who quiestions this suggestion. I will dash it out.

It is not a nerf if the Wide charge is made baseline.
And I don’t know about you, but being able to charge through things when armored enemies are around is a blessing. Yes, it does not provide the same offensive power as the other options, but what sells it for me is the sheer utility of being able to get to a downed teammate from the opposite end of the room, without bumping into a Stormvermin casually standing behind me.

I have marked it as Unchanged primarily because I, personally, have not seen many suggestions in regards to it. If you want to propose something - be my guest. I will write it down.

From what I have seen, nobody runs Heroism on Legend, because the bonus it provides is just numerically worse than Ideal. You usually don’t run out of stacks, and the effect it provides is universal, rather than tied to heavy attacks.

Once again, if you have something to suggest - be my guest. I will write it down.

It is written this way for one very simple reason - it is not finished and needs input from other people.
Rather than trying to poke fun at everything and saying “this is bad”, I would greatly appretiate you giving constructive criticism or at least have the decency to be polite. If you want to argue - go for it, but it needs to lead to some kind of result.
If you don’t know how to do it - look at @alsozara. He did a great job arguing with me in a reasonable manner and even changed my outlook of a few things.

“Chain reaction” is for me my favorite talent of all Sienna’s careers. And with coruscation, I decimate hordes and see them explode before the horde even reaches us.
The explosion stagger repels Storvermine, I also decimate the patrols with it. As soon as one explodes in the heap, the fireworks begin.

With this week’s event, it’s even more fun.

The Unchained is the only career that I like from Sienna, if this talent disappears, I will not be able to play Sienna.

When I was testing survivalist drops, RV had 24 handgun ammo, so it’s 16 ammo base for the weapon. Hence 15% would boost it up to 2 shot return for melee handgun users. It would also boost MW Pistol up to 5 ammo per drop base, and grudge raker up to 3 shots per drop, crossbow up to 4. Handgun would get 3 bullets per drop for RV himself. Honestly I don’t hate those numbers, with the possible exception of MW Pistol, but I sure wouldn’t want to see a buff like this before MW Pistol gets rightful knocked down a peg.

15% health is very, very unlikely to get picked over large damage boosts unless the user really needs health for some reason.

The proposed thousand cuts is a large one, even the crit one is.

What i meant by light weapon/heavy weapon was 1hand/2handers.

Eh, fair enough.

It is really to that extent.

Swiftbow lives on serrated shots(30% or something of the damage), hagbane lives on bloodshot, longbow lives on either depending on build but definitely not attackspeed or crit unless overdosing on them.

Javelins also lives on bloodshot in her hands, as does moonbow~

I’ve heard @Kitten swear by Drakira’s for a ranged spam longbow build. Honestly I could see both longbow and javelins considering it with a buff like has been suggested. It doesn’t have to be 100% competitive, it just has to facilitate a different playstyle and be good for its niche.


Oh I forgot to comment before about BH Ult row. Indiscriminate Blast needs a significant in built cooldown reduction to ever be relevant. Double Shotted needs to be nerfed. Personally I would go for 60% CDR that can only be procced once per shot. This should theoretically kill stagger locking bosses with conc pot, but would have to be tested in practice to see if that gives a boss enough time to turn around etc before the next shot. I’d also nerf specifically the boss damage of double shotted so it can’t rip such ridiculous chunks out of a boss. Honestly a lot of boss nuke abilities need to be tuned down. Balancing boss health upwards is not a solution to difficulty when such absurd disparities in boss damage between setups exist.