What's actually broken? Traits/Talents/Attributes?

Interesting they need 2 procs to get the first 0.5 :shield: and then continue to get 0.5 :shield: for every proc. While testing this I found out that if multiple procs happen within a short time window they only count as one proc.

Ok, so proc-ing stamina on healing is almost variable and situational.

What do we think stamina should be?

I think it should be completely separate from health, should reflect the defensive capabilities of the weapon and that pushing with Full stamina should have a much bigger effect than pushing with 1/2 a shield left.

I think a shield user with full Stamina should be able to stagger ALL enemies in the push-zone(including chaos warriors but possibly NOT bosses), while a shield user with 1/2 stamina shield should only stagger chaff. Stamina should be entirely removed from relying on healing/health.

That will not make shield weapons better. That will make other weapons weaker.


Handmaiden’s lvl 25 talent “bladedancer” doesn’t seem to be working as client. As host, it does. With one chaos and infantry stack on charm, it kills marauders with one charge with 3 bleed ticks, each dealing 13,5 damage. Doesn’t kill marauders as client.

Thanks, Added!

Bladedancer only works in the keep. 4-5 ticks.

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Good to know.

Oh, yeah, RV’s Survivalist ammo sacks can overload your ammo. It’s easier to notice if you use the Ammo production Talent, but it works with any choice. The overloading possible is equal to the magazine size for the weapon in question (i. e. the ammo can get to the normal maximum for the weapon, Talents and passives included, plus one magazine’s worth), so not that significant for single-shot weapons (or Grudgeraker) but repeater guns can go eight ammo over the “maximum”, and either Volley Crossbow can get fifteen extra ammo through the glitch. If you’re normally capped off, you cannot gain more (as the normal “full ammo” message shows) but if you have less than full ammo, or more than full but less than the extra capacity, you can still gain more, but only from Survivalist caches in the latter case. Picking up a normal ammo bag or ammo crate will return you to the regular maximum, and if you’ve capped off the extra capacity too, you can still pick up the Survivalist bags but gain nothing, effectively wasting them.

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Acknowledged (xbox)

Necessary Means of bounty is even more exploitable as you can proc scrounger at will. (your last shot in this case)
I know this was reported on xbox but from my testing it works on PC as well.

Kruber Footknight Lvl 25 Glory Hound only working on host, not on client.

Glory Hound already in the list :slight_smile: I’ve added the slayer CRUNCH! only working in the keep.

enemies will start running attack if you move while they climbing up/ jumping down.

this results in sv “standing still” running attack when you staying near edge and hitting them

Deathknell and Eternal Guards works.

Eternal Guard acknowledged by FS as not working properly. Not sure about Death knell - anyone confirm one way or the other?

can we add in this same thread also the maps problems? Like places you get stuck, walls that don’t cover/that catcher can walk through and so on? (obviously adding map name/position description/pics )

Hi got some updates for stuff on the list.
Battle Wizard’s Fire Walk ability’s ground effect does deal damage, as far as i can tell it works like barrel damage and isn’t “your” damage so won’t show up with damage numbers. It deals enough damage to kill a fanatic if it’s on the fire patch for the full duration.
As a side note fire bombs patch works the same way, it does deal damage however it’s a minuscule amount.
Death Knell doesn’t increase damage of critical headshots vs armoured/super armour and infantry, vs monster armour class it does.
Zealot’s Fiery Faith passive that grants 5% power for 25 health lost only works from base health. So if you have a health necklace and 180 health, you won’t gain power at 155 health, but instead when you’re at 125 health.
Ironbreaker’s Oi Wazzok should work on-host but not as client.
Arcane Bodkins works as host, but haven’t tested as client.
Handmaidens passive Ariel’s Benison that makes your revive uninterruptible by damaging attacks doesn’t work. The lvl 25 Bladedancer talent only works in the keep, in a map it has no effect similar to slayer’s Crunch! talent.
On weapon traits Conservative Shooter doesn’t work with huntsman passive that gives ammo back on headshots.
Off-Balance, Witch-Hunt, Crippling Wounds and Make 'Em Bleed are all the same debuff and as such doesn’t stack. They don’t refresh if applied again before duration is over either.

Thanks for the update @Khvist - I’ve amended or added all your contributions in the OP.

@azaroth75 I think it’s enough to try and keep track of just these game-breaking things and helps the dev team(if they ever look?) to find what they need quite quickly. Map problems in the map thread and talent problems here etc - otherwise we’ll have an enormous OP with every possible bug in it - that’s what the Bug forum is for :slight_smile: I put this together so people can have some kind of clear idea on making builds.

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Someone in a steam discussion with me raised the point that resourceful’s description might not be wrong but:
2% or 2s which ever is highest
I can’t back this as I think that 2% is not a clearly distinguishable from two seconds, the passive regeneration and the 0.25-0.5s reduction per hit.

I saw that on the Steam forums. You posted a Shade guide right?
Curious about this myself.

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