Handmaidens level 25 talent Bladedancer only increases dash damage in the keep, not in a map

Handmaidens level 25 talent Bladedancer only increases dash damage in the keep, not in a map.
To replicate select the talent, spawn an enemy in the keep, dash at it and check how much damage you dealt, then do the same in a map and compare numbers.
As a sidenote the lvl 15 talent Eldrazor’s Precision power increase does not apply to the dash DoT.

search function

When I tested 1.2 beta, eldrazor’s did finally work. Did they break it again?

This has also been acknowledged on the Squirrel Squad bug tracker months ago, so they should be aware.

Well if I found a specific problem and want to see if someone already reported it (and if it is acknowledged) I obviously search for the career I found it on instead.

Srsly mate?

It’s nice that you care about the game and want to report things I just wanted to remind you that a well organised forum will be way better for the devs to actually get something out of it. (They aren’t that great with moderation so a little bit of care is necessary)

Searching for the talent name didn’t show anything either, so forgive me for doing a quick search on both the career and the talent name in this sections of the forums, finding nothing and reporting it.
If you wanted to remind me to help keep a well organised forum, i’d also recommend actually doing so, instead of telling me “search function” when the search function doesn’t find a thread with this bug reported.
If a thread reporting an aknowledged bug isn’t archived and there’s no list of aknowledged bugs to be found on the bug report part of the forum, then it is pretty hard to know which bugs they know of and which they do not.

Yeah the “search function” thing was kind of a :eggplant: move of me out of frustration.
The search can be clunky at times.


You really seem like a nice guy I’m gonna stop harassing you now. :wink:


Well thanks for that, didn’t realise i could sort it like that.
You probably should’ve led with that :stuck_out_tongue:

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