Bladedancer still/again broken

Handmaidens lvl25 talent “Bladedancer” is still or again not working in games. It only increases the damage in keep.

In case the issue is not clear to someone, watch this video.


I don’t think hardly anyone uses it… so probably why it never gets noticed lol.

yeah but maybe nobody uses it because its not doing anything, i would choose it if it would work.

The invis talent might be the strongest but feels to cheesy for me, and cooldown reduction isnt really necessary since cooldown is allready pretty low (20secs).

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Yep, as it doesn’t work on maps it won’t get even tried. I have a particular build in which I don’t use Gift (as I don’t want to lose aggro) so I’m forced to go for the CDR (which is just overkill on HM). Having a useful (and working) alternative to the invisibility would also give a better view of Gift’s actual strength, whereas it (in addition to being very strong) practically exist alone.

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