Rebalance of Handmaiden 25 lvl talents

Her ultimate is too strong,it offers 3 seconds of invisibillity where you can attack as many enemies as you can. Because everyone picks Gift of Ladrielle so it might as be a core option 24/7.

Damage that ult does is completely off, that kills hordes of weakest enemies in few seconds after dashing.

How could it be fixed?

Remove damage amplication after using ult completely and make it exlusive to the Bladedancer 25 lvl talent. Perhaps tweak it to make it deal more dmg against specials/monsters/elites. Honestly I never noticed a “less stagger” by using it.

Gift of Ladrielle , make a change that after a single strike your invisibillity goes off for both melee and ranged. Its absurdly strong when you can slash with daggers for 3 seconds and enemy does nothing. Its like a mini Shade ult.

Handmaiden’s Grace It has a potential to be very good alternative option, for players who want to be very mobile. But is outclassed completely by Gift of Ladrielle.

Honestly, other options just need to have that “umpff” in them before you consider them.


I would gladly use Bladedancer over Gift of Ladrielle on most of my HM builds if it worked outside the keep. With the right setup, it kills Marauders in 3 ticks (at least in the keep as host). I have builds where I use the CDR, and while Gift of Ladrielle seems to be something you can never go wrong with, I don’t see how it as much of an issue. Yes, it is strong and with weapons like DD, you do get essentially a “small shade infiltrate” - but who says it shouldn’t be this way? HM is Keri’s “tanky” class and evading attacks is the only thing she has going for her. The trade-off for that is that her offensive power is higher than that of other “tanky” characters. She has no DR and only 125 base-health. HM of course has access to Keri’s weapons, and she probably has the overall best melee arsenal in the game, with no weapon really being “non-viable” (apart from maybe dual swords). But HM will neither get the same ranged damage output as WS Keri (even though she technically makes for better boss killing) and probably not the same raw damage potential Shade has.

First thing on the list should be fixing Bladedancer.

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