Handmaiden Bladedancer Talent Needs Desperate Buff

Edit: I realized too late someone already made a post about this issue.

The Bladedancer talent adds a negligible amount of damage to Handmaiden’s dash. Strength potion does not increase its damage anymore either(post-talent reworks). See the following:

This video also shows that a strength potion does not enhance the damage of Bladedancer either.

In its current state it should be called “The Tickledancer”.


Adding to this I think the revive passive should also be looked at finally. Even if it would work (and it looks like it doesn’t), the passive almost seems somewhat redundant with the fact that people block while reviving anyways.

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I agree. A nice idea could be add this low damage bleeding to every lv30 talent and change “Bladedancer” with “HM can dash two time, but cooldown is longer”.

Anyway @Reorx , about her passive (revive can’t be interrupted), it should be useful, because often you get stunned also while blocking… but yes, it seems totally bugged. Often it doesn’t work.

The bleed was part of the base for Dash before 2.0, and it was strong. Probably too strong, but I still found the decision to move it only to a Talent (and apparently weakened by a lot too) a very questionable decision. Her basic Career Skill was already tricky to learn using effectively; now it’s even more so and relies almost solely on the last-tier Talent to be effective.

Ariel’s Benison technically works, but it’s old and largely irrelevant. In its current form, it prevents damage from interrupting your revives - but a) blocking during revive is automatic now, so rarely any damage even comes through, and b) any damage that gets through is likely to also stagger you which will interrupt any action, so the ability is practically irrelevant (and really, because of point b, was largely so even before block-revive was made automatic). It does need looking at.

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Pretty sure they even made it so that you auto-block while reviving because bug=feature.

Storytime, I guess. Blocking while reviving was originally (in early VT1) a genuine bug. It wasn’t supposed to be possible. FS fixed it. That caused an uproar, as the lack of that ability makes reviving others a very hazardous thing, even in VT1 with fewer enemies surrounding you. So, they added it back (and afaik while doing it, reworked its code some so that it worked better), and it’s been a significant part of the game ever since. Fast-forward to VT2 and a few months ahead, they even made it automatic so that new players wouldn’t need to discover that mechanic on their own (admittedly, it isn’t exactly intuitive, especially considering the lack of special animation, so it took some research or testing to even know it was a thing).

Now that I think about it, Career Skill use while reviving is kind of the same in VT2. I don’t know whether it was intended at first, but it’s an integrated part of the (even moderately experienced) players’ arsenal now.

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Worse is that Ladrielle’s Gift is basically mandatory, not because it’s pwoerful (though it is) but because the mechanics force it. Dash just doesn’t work right without it. Enemies see you mid dash and knock you out of it, or insta-spin and give you a dirtnap as soon as you complete it, or you get body blocked because you ended up inside a hitbox. I know you can block during the dash by holding block early but that only solves some of the problems.

Either the bleed needs to go back to baseline (so baddies die, preventing getting stuck) or the invis does, or it needs to stagger enemies. Otherwise it’s too buggy to use.


It’s true things can you hit you mid-dash, but at one point HM dash was changed so that she gains the “dodge” status while dashing(this is to help prevent tracking and an overhead instantly following and downing you). Obviously that doesn’t make her immune to hits though.

Yea, ending up inside of enemies is tough. Wraith-Walk or Gift of Ladrielle are definitely nice to make up for that(but shouldn’t be necessary to avoid it).


Just give her the old default bleed and make the 2 second invis default as well.

Both would be overkill IMO.

I’m a fan of it becoming baseline because it defines the entire class. I can’t imagine what talent could be strong enough to pick something else without being so strong it’s OP, and if it was removed completely I can’t imagine still playing HM. So either it becomes baseline or the other two talents on that tier will always be useless.

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