Ariel's Benison. Handmaiden's passive that has never worked and may as well not be in the game

“Ariel’s Benison - Revive can’t be interrupted by damaging attacks.”

This talent has never worked and has no value in the game. Replacing it with something interesting and useful would be nice. As shown in the video, you can still get interrupted by damaging attacks. This has always been the case. Given that block-revive is in the game and was added as an inherent feature, why not replace the talent with something useful and enjoyable? Adding more unique and fun talents(like Battle Wizard burning things forever) would be nice to see.

From vt1, revive with blocking makes you prevent from hitting
so there are ppl who blame others why don’t blocking when you revive
and it was hot topic on reddit so dev changed revive system
so it has been broken since Dev introduced auto block when reviving
so at that time, HM can use that passeive

Even during that time though it wasn’t working. Something that’s out-dated and never worked should be remade or replaced.

I’ve seen this talent work, I’ve been able to revive while under ratling fire at times, in this clip you happened to get staggered from your guard being broken (which you can’t NOT do now). It’s ridiculously niche in its value. It’s not like you’d PREFER taking damage, anyway.

I’ve always thought that just giving her a faster revive speed would be good, and fit in well with the rest of her class.


Hm. Reading these, it may well be that Ariel’s Benison does work as intended, but that intention isn’t enough.

Receiving damage usually comes with (significant) stagger. Even if the damage itself doesn’t stop you from reviving, that stagger certainly does, and thus, ratling fire or DoTs are just about the only things this perk helps with, as they don’t come with enough stagger to interrupt you anyway.

This does still make the perk just about useless (as the times when it actually works is niche at best; most of us prefer not to take that damage; and due to a quirk of the mechanics, you can already avoid it by starting the action and dashing), and like @BizarreSalp, I think an enhanced revive speed would serve the Career better. Not necessarily even on the level of the Talents and Properties, 15 or 20% would already make a difference.


That talent would be extremely useful, they should fix it.
Try blocking while reviving, it’s useful too.

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