Ideas for Ariel's Benison(Handmaiden Passive)

Ideas for changed Ariel’s Benison(Handmaiden Passive):

  1. Revive speed.

  2. Higher block cost reduction while reviving.

  3. Damage reduction to yourself and reviving/revived target for X time while you’re reviving and after the revive.

  4. Increased movement + attack speed to yourself and ally after reviving.

  5. Grant bonus temp hp to yourself and the ally you revive when you revive them.

  6. Kerillian gains 20% movement + attack speed when an ally is down.

  7. Saving an ally from a special returns one ammo. Killing a special returns one ammo(three for swiftbow).

  8. Kerillian deals double damage to enemies disabling an ally.

  9. Kerillian’s active charges twice as fast when an ally is down.

  10. When an ally is disabled by a special, all specials are tagged.

  11. Kerillian can “deflect” one disable on herself every X(20-30?) seconds(similar to Gromril Armour but it instead staggers her disabler or it could make her invisible for 1-2 seconds which would also remove the disable). This can occur even if the passive comes up while she’s already grabbed.

  12. Kerillian gains damage reduction when disabled.

  13. Negative effects on Kerillian are halved(slows, troll vomit, stamina drain, etc).

I think revive speed would be the simplest and most effective option. Nothing really wrong with the others, either, but several of them have nothing to do with helping revive others, don’t fit HM that well or seem too complicated.

The logic behind that is to avoid redundancy. Something that was terrible with the prior set of talents is you’d have characters like Footknight that had almost all defensive talents, when a lot of the game has value on killing things more than anything. Handmaiden has plenty of defensive/supportive options already and the potent stamina aura, so giving her something more self-serving or in the interest of damage/killing would be complimentary. It would still indirectly help her help allies.

She’s a handmaiden and Ariel’s Benison could very well bless her in many different ways. I don’t think ideas for change should be restricted solely to reviving.

How are they any more complicated than any of the existing passives/talents? A chunk of those already exist in one fashion or another already or have existed in the past. Even the most elaborate one is basically just Gromril Armour for specials.

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