What would it take for you flip your "Not Recommended" rating?

So I currently have the game as recommended, not sure if that is the right thing to do, or not, but it feels right to me. I can see why a lot of people don’t recommend it, and understand the reasoning. I would honestly love to see a lot of the changes that you are requiring to change your recommendation.

But I have put over 200 hours in the game, and I wouldn’t do that if I wasn’t enjoying it despite the frustrations. I would love to see the game rise to meet its potential, but I also don’t feel that the $40 I spent for the game was wasted.

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legit all i want is a better crafting system and some more classes.


I flipped mine into positive when blessings part of crafting was added, and psykers got a solid rework.

Well with sadistic reason - let the new player fell in love in mission process, then delete this game after massive frustration overdoes dealing with all out-of-mission nonsense :slight_smile:

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Nerf the Boltgun and Shredder.
Why? Playing on teams with players using these guns makes the game super boring.

Make High intensity ALWAYS AVAILABLE.

There are NOT enough monsters to kill on regular and low intensity for a geared team. One player can kill everything (boltgun for example).

Those two things need to be done.

Figuring out a functioning content pipeline which is necessary for the continuous life of a service game.

It goes without saying that if FS has anything resembling a development pipeling its made from iron that’s 100 years old and falling apart due to age, rust and general use over time.

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Just like atoma prime. That’s meta right there. Makes you FEEL like you’re a player in the imperium of gaming.


After the closed beta, open beta and finally, the hastily conducted release followed by a holiday, I gave the game negative rating.

Let’s see what bothered me back then and see what has been improved.

  1. Performance, Stability, Network: was tragic.
    We’re far from perfect as the game still crashes occassionaly, but here I am rather content. Performance is OK on my PC and the game rarely crashes.

  2. Balance was a tragedy in black at start.

  • A lot of progress has been made here, but we’re far, far from being good (Ogryns on Damnation having one viable core build, Accatran Lasguns being laser pointers, Stub Revolvers being the bolters, but worse, chain weapons feeling like massaging pistols, blessings in general etc.)
  1. Melee combat was feeling sluggish and unresponsive. Dodging was not consistent. Hits were not registering.
  • Some improvements have been made (poxbursters), but hit registration is pure meme material. You hit an enemy, see a blood splatter, enemy keeps walking. Enemies also still turn into your dodges, you can see it wonderfully on crushers that are apparently standing on vinyl players.
  1. AI Director was spawning stuff out of thin air in front of the player
  • Got a lot better. Still, I have had instances of poxbursters spawning literally behind the team or enemies using doors like portals. I’ve also had instances of stuff spawning literally 1m in front of the player.
  1. Progression was RNG x RNG x RNG x Grind
  • Enough said. The introduction of rudimentary crafting, adjustments to material drops and Brunt’s Armoury are a drop in bucket and the game’s progression borders on dark pattern model for me.
  1. Non-existing endgame
  • Still an issue. Experimenting with new builds is bound with horrendous grind to get the weapons, blessings and perks you require to test. Map rotation and map modifiers are random giving you no freedom to choose. The career/class pool is limited. Socialising like in VT2 is not existing, after the run you just walk away to mind your own business. It’s basically a virtual ONS.
  1. Penances were so bad, I took them for placeholders
  • Got a lot better. Bad penances got “redacted”, new penances encourage the player to learn core mechanics and role of the class they are playing. The requirement to do some penances in private games is still a bummer.

Out of seven major concers, we’ve had some decent improvement only in engine and penances. Rest is still open and I delibetarely skipped minor grudges.
So the score is 2/7. Once we’re at 5/7 I will also rate the game 5/7 and turn the thumb up.

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Many valid reasons BUT

I have AGGRESIVLY added “shirtless option” as a HARD requirement.

The game could become absolutly perfect tomorrow, with the best butter smooth performance, the most satisfying progression system, 100 new maps, 1000 classes, the widest Varity of awesome and balanced perks and blessing.

If there isn’t a shirtless option I will perpetually keep my change in the doing it “next week” state
Yes, I am being irrationally petty, but after they tried to so aggressively remove it from the game that was one of the few universally liked things from the community. (breaking the games a few times might I add) When SO SOOOOOOO many things are still wrong with the game, some even going back to the “launch”

I am not feeling forgiving.


if DT had a scoreboard, everyone would see how OP and imbalanced certain weapons are.

It would only add to the balance problems the game has.

They have an entire class that loves the Boltgun for example, and if it was nerfed, every boltgun user would cry even worse than the powersword nerf. The game isn’t balanced enough to let casuals see the weapon imbalance.

It’s the old saying, “ignorance is bliss”
People think they are getting kills when in reality someone else is killing the same thing they are shooting.

Their engine is out of official support and has been since V2 has been released.

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Autodesk in a nutshell, you should ask some engineers about the glorious trash that is CAD, one of their other products.

I can’t bring myself to leave a positive nor negative Steam Review yet :expressionless: However, I would go out of my way to leave a positive review and tell friends to buy it finally if Fatshark did the following (in order of importance) -

  1. Remove resource silo’ing,
  2. Add new classes,
  3. Remove crafting locks,
  4. Allow people to freely pick Mission map/difficulty/intensity/modifiers

Beyond that requirement floor, it would be niiice to get…

  1. Better vanilla UI & QOL (ammo counts, loadouts, ability to swap class in mission-loading-screen…essentially incorporate some existing mods),
  2. More classes!,
  3. More maps,
  4. More enemies/lords (you wouldn’t need a whole new faction of enemies per say, but you could incorporate lore-justifiable handfuls of rare-ish enemies over time)
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Since there is actually a scoreboard you are able to see that the boltgun doesn’t really do that well. Its good but suffers in key areas. The thing that is absurd is the powersword. A veteran swinging part time with that thing can overtop an ogryn with bully butcher or zealot with heavy sword/axe who is meleeing all game. I have seen it many many times at this point.

Honestly though i don’t care that much. I just want my choice of weapons buffed a bit. Chain weapons suck and shouldn’t.

literally all it would take is to remove the crafting locks. that’s it. such a simple thing to do. and yet they just wont do it.


Number 1 and 2 would definitely make me strongly reconsider to flip it back to Positive. Would be a good start, too.


Removal of RNG and removal of bless/perk locks. No RNG for weapons, No RNG for main weapons stats, no RNG for blesses/perks. Just let me buy/craft what I want, do loadouts the way I want and have fun with different combinations. I won’t be wasting life playing that half-baked game with RNG on top for no-life Destiny fans.

Seriously, if you game needs RNG to keep players playing then you should find yourself different job, cause it ain’t it chief.


There is an old metric about worthiness of the game:
If games managed to provide at least one hour of fun per 1$ spent. Then it’s was totally worth it.

Most of us who severely disappointed by the game and somewhat burnt out by it, have more than 100+ hours on the clock (710 in my case). So it feel unfair to leave a negative one, or flip positive one. We did had fun - a lot more fun that we payed for by that old metric.

No need to change mine. I think Darktide is a lot of fun. I know it needs more work but the basic game play is why I keep logging in.

I’m happy to let FS continue to improve the product. And while they do that I’ll be lopping and popping heads

boltgun on vet is indeed pointless, its too slow to reload, acc due to net code is poor hence keeping up ult is very hard.

maybe bolt with the bigger they are makes a bit more sense, but still reload time is horrible so you wont be able to chain kill big guys for too long.

its 3x better to run with shred autopistol and leave big guys to zelot or be BBed by psyker. its kinda sad that for using cool gun you need to feel punished

I mean its still an excellent weapon it just has obvious downsides. Which is good. My point was it certainly doesn’t need nerfing.