What weapons would you like to see in the future?

First post! Hello everyone! I’m new to these forums and have a question I’d like to ask all of you.

Purely for conjecture’s sake, and speculation on what Fatshark might bring to the table in future DLCs with Vermintide.

Can’t say I’m an expert on Warhammer Fantasy, but a few really piqued my interest in specific…

  1. A twin-headed aspergillum-turned-flail filled with oil and lit on fire. According to the wiki, weapons like these were used by more fanatical knights crusading under the Comet.

  2. The Duck-Foot, a four-barreled pistol that fires in a horizontal spread, created by Empire engineers.

  3. A grenade-launching blunderbuss designed to lob explosive rounds at high velocity.

For the people who’ve been playing this game for a while, or those more invested into the lore of the Warhammer Fantasy universe as a whole, what toys would you like to play with in the game, if you had a say in it?


kruber: shield with warpick

handmaiden: shield with short spear or sword

ranger vet: http://warhammerfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Dwarf_Pistol faster reload than handgun, with good punch at close-medium range

slayer: 1h hammer with 1h axe

wizard: some weapon with low dodge and great DPS, i dunno what exactly, something like 2h axe of bardin. she needs a weapon like this, esp. on unchained


More weapons with shield, like flail, spear and so on

@SaintPhilipp, @doom_hamster Before implimenting all this shield weapons you are talking about I’d like to see some ajustments to the shielded weapons in the game to make them more viable. Atm shields have a big drawback in mobility (and often attack speed loss), instead you gain more stamina, block angle and push strength. But there are lots of melee mechanics which you don’t wanna block, but want to dodge instead, also push strength of shielded weapons is still not enough to stagger most of elites. So if you just introduce those shielded equivalents of already existing weapons they just will be the worse version of what we have now.


You can’t be mobile with shield, believe me. But we can focus on armor piercing using warpick or flail, and we can boost our range with spear, and so on

axe + flametorch for witch hunter

throwing axe for dwarf

whip for the wizard for those dungeon lashes ;D


@SaintPhilipp, I didn’t said that you should have the same amount of mobility with shielded weapons as with light one handed or dual wielding weapons, I’m just saying that as they are now they are just bad, drawbacks are to big comparing to what you gain in return.

Maybe FS can add more stagger with their pushes, or do improve heavy attack/move shield bush to a separate hotkey like rapier’s pistol fire, or for example give shields ability to block disblers in 30-35 arc. There are also a lot more ideas I didn’t list here, but my main message is that you need to “fix” shielded weapons somehow. Add it some new features, make it more preferable to use, coz now I see no reason to pick them at all.


Well, shields are all a mixed bag. Their effectiveness largely depends on the weapon they’re paired with.

The axe is an okay weapon, it suffers from poor stamina, useless power attacks, and difficulty with crowds. So when its power attacks get replaced with a crowd-controlling shield bash, and it gains 3 stamina and at the cost of its dodge distance, it’s a great tradeoff, and the axe and shield is pretty strong since the weapon complements the shield.

The sword and the mace are both underwhelming weapons, and by extension their shielded versions are too. This is the issue with shielded weapons, not the shield itself.

The sword, while decently mobile, isn’t the best versus hordes nor is terribly fantastic versus armor due to having next to nothing to combat it. Damage also isn’t amazing, so hacking away at specials or bosses is ineffective.

The mace has okay stagger and okay armor penetration, but deals next to no damage and has just as little cleave. It’s a good “shield” for Slayer Bardin due to it’s 4.5 base stamina (making the shield hardly an upgrade) but past that I rarely ever see it used.

Too lazy from the summer heat to search and link them myself, but there have been several weapon suggestion threads already, with a lot of good (and bad) ideas and comments on them. If you want to see them (including my comments on a lot of them, and more alaborate answers on my own ideas) go search.

But just for taste, two of my suggestions:

A Quarterstaff for the Handmaiden, to use as a defensive option and strong crowd-control weapon. While Spear and Shield was my first idea, I think a Quarterstaff could fill the same role just as well and fit the character’s playstyle better.

An exclusive melee weapon for Unchained, to give her a slightly better melee option than Sienna’s normal stuff. Think dual Axes compared to other Dwarf weapons. A flaming whip and flaming claws/gloves have both been suggested.

I feel like the dual axes on Slayer are allowed to be “too good not to use” because of Slayer’s ability to equip two melee weapons at once. Irondrake weapons aren’t impressive enough for Ironbreaker Bardin to use them and absolutely nothing else. Even Huntsman Kruber has tradeoffs in using the longbow over a blunderbuss or handgun, and Shade’s Volley Crossbow is still weighed against her longbow. If Unchained gets a new melee, I’d like to keep it in that same theme: She can use it and it would be strong, but otherwise not Unchained Sienna is one of my more frequented classes (alongside Mercenary and Zealot) and I’m pretty comfortable with her melee potential when I’m sitting at 2-3 stacks. The additional melee power benefits DoT effects as well which can be easily abused on the oft-overlooked single dagger.

The idea of a fire whip intrigues me though. Potentially something that’s more like a wand or smaller focus that lashes out as an extended melee weapon at the cost of overcharge in the staff slot.

These 2 for kruber a saber/pistol and a dual wield weapon similar to the picture below.



Yeah a sabre+pistol combo would be awesome. I’d say it be like Saltzpyre’s falchion but a bit longer and the pistol would work like the on with the rapier ( but maybe a bit stronger idk give it an ammo count)

I’d like to see red double daggers or slayer’s double axes in my inventory but I just get accessories , xbows and swift bows c:

As a certain member of one well-known dev company said “You think you do, but you don’t™”.

A flaming 1H whup for Sienna, and a flaming whip plus shield combo for her, where she can use shield bash people and burst her shield in flames in exchange for raising her overheat. I think that would be sweet.

Sienna could use a specialized weapon for unchained. It may just be me but all of them seem, unfulfilling, for that class. Some sort of bezerker style would be nice.

I would love the same for Hand Maiden. I like sword and spear, but I think other ideas could work as well.

Just another thought, class specific weapons (if properly implemented) could really work to bolster sub par or off meta classes like Witch Hunter Captain and Battle Wizard.

One “Easy” weapon for FS to implement or rather revive is 1H mace for Sienna. It’s basically the same as 2h mace but 1h . :rofl:
I mean she already have 2 almost identical swords … :thinking:

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