What the hell is this OP weapon?

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I can’t imagine that making a huge difference in a Surge Staff, but hey, worth the price.

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Wait we can have more than 80% ?

And weapon higher than 380 ?


Warp resistance, critical bonus, quell speed, damage, and charge rate? Yes these definitely make a big difference.

You can spam minimum charge and still pump out considerable damage with a good surge staff. All of these stats that high would be insane. Warp resistance just means you get more out of your spam, charge speed (because you dont ever really use minimum charge, i’m usually at about 1/3 or 1/4 charge when i actually unleash it). This thing would be a monster.

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80% works pretty reliably. Some of those numbers are very small boosts, but for some weapons those last 20% will be pretty huge.

For some more detailed specifics: The damage and quell speed scale pretty well, but the critical bonus only comes out to around 4% and the warp resistance less that .5%

Imagine thinking this is OP lmao

Also give us100% red weapons already. I want to start working towards a complete arsenal.


Everything is relative. This thing is pretty powerful compared to what we have access to, ie 80% max across the board, and usually one or two stats closer to 70 even on a 380 roll.

Wait to upgrade it and get shitty perks and blessings lol


tf? ive never seen that on NA ver on steam is that specific to CN client or what

All the surge staff blessings are shitty (at least the ones ive been able to test). Warp nexus and flurry both seem kinda bugged, definitely not working the way you’d expect anyways.

The thing is, there are numeric values for stats exitsting but they can’t be reached with 80% cap, so higher tier gear was designed in mind by devs, but game is in early acces


A definition of grind, luck or cheats?

Or a different branch for a different userbase. Destiny 2 for instance had a MTX vendor for equipment in the Korean(?) client. Given that Tencent is involved you can take a guess.

Do we have any chinese players being able to confirm a different client?

The most likely answer is this is either photoshoped or a hacked item. In most cultures, people get treated worse if they aren’t good at something. Some are worse than others for this though and encourage cheating because of this.

cant wait for the shitty blessing he will roll

Meanwhile at my inventory

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