What other gamemodes would you like to have added after release?

I would like two other gamemodes to be added after release.

First I would like to have Dark Heresy gamemode.
A more RPG like campain where you and three friends pick a starting level between 1 < max and try to beat the gamelevels ( with random maps if possible…) where tactics, logistics, stealth, skills and communication would be important parts of the experience.

Second I would like to have Eversor Assasin time trial for singelplayer, Play the maps one at the time as fast as possible with an other sort of super soldier of the imperium for a high score.

What gamemodes would you like to see after release?


Normal missions, Chaos Waste and a gauntlet

Boss Rush

Different Lords/Monster appear right after the other, if (and I hope they do so), it would have upgraded patrols appear periodically


Have to keep different locations free from the Heretic
Those locations would be used to fortify the location or get ammos/upgrades and reinforcement before going toward the next:

  • Consumable: Health, Ammo, Stims and Grenades…
  • Tarantula Sentry Gun (Flamer, Bolter Las, and Melta) Call down a Sentry gun that start shooting nearby enemies (Has a life pool and get priority from the enemy grunts)
  • Mine field: Call down Mine from orbits (Or by teleportation)
  • Imperial Regiment: Call down a group of Imperial Soldiers that hold down the area or push forward to the next (Can be upgraded for specialist)
  • Space Marine: Work as a Single Entity Monster
  • (If location is big enough) Armoured Support: Work as Single Entity Monster, weak to Armour Piercing and explosive
  • Bombardment: Bombard a large area, can deal friendly fire
If the desire to do a Versus (And it's a big If, please don't do it without being sure FS)

This will be part of the Control System, but instead of having the map start with the heretic having all the control points, it’s half and half
The characters have their Heretic versions that the other team can play as and the heretic have either the same abilities as the Imperial or they get their own Control abilities (Maybe turned upon the Chaos Rituals)
If that Versus is implemented, it can even become a stand alone game on his own and become a Esport (pls don’t)
The only thing I don’t quite see, is how to balance the grunts, since one would have theirs as ranged only (Imperial) and the other as mixed (Traitor and Pox Zombies)

I would like a generic Horde mode. Copy-paste from gears, without the fortifications. (innovate a replacement from fortifications, what can replace the fun of base building?)

Maybe call the gamemode Retreat. Play the mission maps in reverse if you have to. Hold a room until the door opens, run into next room, set up defense and hold. rinse repeat.

Or, Give us a grand room with a bunch of ammo, and let us hold the line until we die to x4 (or 5) boss spawn or whatever.