What next gun for vet?

ive played with x12, boltgun and shredder pistol/machine-gun.

what are other guns (and meta blessings for them) that are viable on t5?

thx in advance

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Lucius MK2, i think, is popular.
Plasma gun is fun and good enough.
Agripinaa MK1 infantry autogun

To be fair everything is viable on Damnation (normal, hi intensity, even normal STG), meta only matters on damnnation hiSTG.

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will try them thx

If you’re a good shot, then grab a shotgun.
I like all three, but favour the Agri on the vet for extra rounds and the slug mode. But they’re all good.
You’ll be surprised. It’s the sniper rifle you never had.


Laspistol with Dum Dum.
Easy headshots without ads, high mobility, good damage. Lots of fun.

Whatever gun seems interesting to you