What is the takeaway from Back to Ubersreik?

In separate topic someone brought up the dropping player count. So I was curious what it looked like to what I thought was successful piece of DLC. Back to Ubersreik sits at a 78% on steam which is higher than the base game (though there are arguments to be made about 2.0/WoM review bombing). But then I looked at the steam tracking numbers. Granted there are other metrics but I think that its somewhat telling that peak players during BtU were the lowest of any content release. Even when you look at the reviews, yes it has the most positive score, but it also has the least reviews. “A quiet Drink” pulled in 5k+ more players than a full DLC did.

Point is when I ask for “Just make more hats and maps” I think back on all the fun I had with the release of BtU and remember it as a really good piece of DLC. But then I look at the numbers and wonder if when Fatshark talks about maps not getting it done, if this is part of what they are talking about. So I’m just curious, is Back to Ubersreik considered a successful piece of DLC?


BtU had 3 maps and a secret 4th plus the weapons which were all pretty good if not the best.

Out of all the dlc and content that Fatshark put out BtU is probably the best. A Quiet Drink was an event which was quite good even if it used a lot of old assets - it still was unique and fun + had some portraits to unlock.

I agree from at least our player perspective as content we may think its the best. What I’m more curious is how Fatshark would review it as a product.

BtU was… Good enough, I’d say. The weapons got mixed response and weren’t balanced, but they did bring enough change to the game to be worth it. Getting old maps ported to VT2 was something that many had asked for, and they were made well enough, but at least to me they soon lost their initial charm - pretty much as soon as we learned the new book locations and solved the puzzles. Beyond those, there really wasn’t anything new in.

I think that’s probably also the reason for the… let’s call them lukewarm stats. The people who most liked it were likely the ones who had been asking or wishing for the VT1 maps. Others saw them as old content in buffed-up clothes, and there was no nostalgia value for the new players who had never touched VT1, so they judged the whole thing differently.

Also the mixed (and maybe generally even negative) response the Bogenhafen mas had received might have played some part - the people who were disappointed in that one didn’t have high expectations for repolished content either and didn’t feel the need to come back to see it.

All of this is, of course, speculation, as I can only speak for myself.

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It’s probably because a quiet drink was a new map, back to ubersreik was, basically, old content.
Btu lesson (expecially when compared with bogenhafen) Imo is “don’t do lazy” (color reskins) and have a meaningful reward system (challenges give you stuff, instead of RNG + time).

It may be pretty simplistic too, but: 3 (or 4, it doesn’t matter) map dlc: mostly positive. 2 map dlc: mixed. 1 map dlc: mostly negative.


That’s sort of where I’m at, and I can’t help but wonder if this new expansion had been beastmen three maps a lord and some hats if it wouldn’t have reviewed better. But if the only time they released 3+maps in a DLC and it doesn’t sell well they might feel like that’s not the way to go with things.


BTU was my favourite DLC and I never played V1. It was good all around content. Bög was my least favourite, so meh? I dunno, everyone will have different opinions.

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I think one of the biggest let downs of WoM is that it only brought in one new map. While Bögenhafen was okay to me (bought Vermintide 2 as a bundle so I had the maps from the get go) and Back to Ubersreik was pretty fun and “A quiet drink” was to me one of the most exciting new content and I still don’t get why they put all that work in for it to be only available for a week or so.

WoM lacks just so much… flair? While I like it it feels so technical and complex in an unnecessary way. There is very little narrative or storytelling going on, a fact that is starting for me to be really lacking in the game overall, especially after having seen the existing maps a few hundred times by now. Sure, Vermintide has never had much of a story to begin with, which is fine, but it at least in the beginning gave at least some sense of urgency and struggle that was allready a bit lacking with the illusory world of Ubersreik and weaves don’t even try to provide anything in that regard.

A quiet drink on the contrary gave a bit more flair to everything, sketching out character a bit and showing more of the world outside the keep. It felt like the endtimes and while generally being funny showed how pointless all of the efforts actually are in the big picture. In contrast to that WoM felt more like one big patch with the addition to beastmen, which also from a narrative standpoint makes, well not sooo much sense. Skaven civilization with all its machinery does not makes a good fit with the beastmen way of life. I mean how cool would it have been if beastmen would also attack skaven at least in some instances. That would not only be fun to watch but also would have made narrative sense and brought new events and scenarios to old maps. Not to mention all the chaos that would bring and would again raise the stakes.

Bogenhafen is polarising, in that you either love the darkness or hate it - possibly there might have been a hint when Drakenfels had a lukewarm reception that Dark maps might not be the way forwards.

Bogenhafen is also tainted with the International Reddit Meltdown World championship ranting contest about so-called promised and missing armours which might give the rating a battering.

I suppose previous DLC sales and reception have influenced the development of WoM as previous DLC were never overwhelmingly raved about (Maybe Karak Asgaraz was) but for me that’s got a bit more to do with the way weapons were rewarded in the DLC (SIGMAR DAMN YOU FALCION DROP FFS I’ve run this map twenty times!) than the actual maps. I liked defending the big Dwarven Bridge while it lowered.

Weak sales will persuade FS to employ their efforts elsewhere. I can only hope that getting badly burned fingers with WoM will convince FS that Frames, Maps and Armours are the way forwards.


Ok sorry for spamming I just had some ideas on how beastmen could be integrated in more interesting and immersive ways into the existing content. Besides the idea that Beastmen and Skaven would kill each other and have you as a party stumble into one such conflict (Imagine going to a ledge, seeing a bunch of skavens and then out of nowhere some Beastmen rush in and start to massacre everything in their path) this would create new and interesting situations where you could tactically consider whether to intervene and try to weaken the sakven further , push and kill the beastmen or try to just kill both (or try to sit out the situation as with patrols).

What would have been also a intersting idea is to add hidden herdstone onto the map. These could be guardes of course but destroying them would mean no more beastmen spawning for a while. Of course herdstones could also be traps, meaning that destroying it might spawn a beastmen horde, patrol or Boss to trigger immediately.

Man at least to me stuff like that would have been so much more exiting than just weaves…

Well now we have a new faction and winds. There are tools available to make some really cool Vermintide maps in the future. That’s why I’m worried about BtU in conjunction with Fatshark’s statements about adventure map development. The potential for great DLC is very much there, but if they don’t believe that type of content will be successful then we won’t get it.

I liked it. And I don’t really like V1

Yeah, that’s a bit odd. Makes me wonder if the release got less advertisement. I agree with you; based on content, reviews, and time of year, I would have assumed the Ubersreik DLC would have pulled the most players.

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