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I just want to say that an Ubersreik DLC is so fantastic. You have made me a very happy man and I am so unbelievably excited for this DLC. Take my money!! Thank you Fatshark for being one of the best devs out there!


Nice try, Hedge.


They literally recolored their first game as “content”.
Cant make this up.


Yeah, it’s not like there were a million posts asking fatshark for exactly that.

Oh wait.


Eight bucks.

Its not about giving people what they “asked” for.
Its about taking eight bucks for an “DLC” (downloadable CONTENT) for merging already existing maps into V2.
Taking money for this after eight months of being fatshark at its best especially after so many problems got outright ignored, the game published as alpha version and several promises still pending till today.
After all this they grab a little more money for warming up old stuff.

But I’ll just take the advice from a wise fanboy: “Just give FS money to support them and play another game meanwhile to have fun” that pretty much sums it up.


For me, the most “interesting” part is FS pricing 3 recolored and slightly reworked old maps higher then Karak Azgaraz or Drachenfels DLCs. I know that Horn of Magnus or Garden of Morr can be new and exciting expirience for some players, but seriously, they are not new, just remastered old maps.


In all fairness judging by the wording it’s moreso new maps that have portions of the old that are ultimately used in different ways. Not the exact same maps slightly touched up. Then again, when has assuming good things worked out for us with shatfark?

Thisstill doesn’t even begin to make it comparable to the offerings we used to get in V1. We’ll get 3 redesigned maps that are 50% nostalgia fuel and probably look worse in the updated engine, and then we’ll cringe through whatever ‘cosmetics’ they decide to put out this time. The ‘’‘surprise’’’ they’ve mentioned in the announcement better be something major.

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Really? What basis do you have to say all this was is a recolor?

There was clearly a lot of work that had to go into even just porting the maps to V2. And presumably there is also lore, voice lines, possible edits to the maps, and who knows what else added.

There’s a new post on the forums every week with more people requesting the first game maps as a DLC.

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Horn of Magnus was always my favorite

I will join the op in the appreciation of the announcement. I have wanted a V1 map DLC since I started playing V2, and it seems FS really does listen to fans, which I appreciate greatly :heart:

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