What is a "Flash" mission?

Perusing my penances and saw near the end of the missions tab there is one called Stand By for Action which requires doing a Flash mission. Is that the dark event?

Is this a translation or?

What? I’m asking what a"Flash" mission is, I’m assuming the Darkness event but I’ve yet to see it.

It’s not Lights Out. I’m pretty sure that we don’t have Flash missions in the game yet.

It’s not in the game, thought you might have been playing the game in another language and it was a bad translation.

not in the game. presumebly they will have a FOMO style mission with event pop up for bonus rewards like more RNG weapons you don’t want

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Given that the penance requires 1 completion, you’re absolutely right it’s going to be more FOMO practices.


Another missing feature on launch.


At least there is a cash shop…

I feel like flash missions will be short and quick; similar to the ‘wall’ mission back in vermintide, that’s just speculation though.

What was the ‘wall’ mission in Vermintide?

Had to look it up, because its been a while, but its called Man the Ramparts. Small map, very quick to do/complete.

To reiterate, this is merely speculation.

Gotcha thanks. IMO the ‘flash’ aspect won’t be to do with the mission being over in a flash, but how rarely/briefly it appears as an option.

Ow good thing we have a FULL RELEASE

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