Flash Missions and possibilities with them

So is there any news or comment about flash missions? I assume they we’re supposed to be like Warframe Alerts or other daily stuff where it’s a mission with harder modifiers with grater rewards.

If they aren’t really developed yet it would be nice to explore a few possibilities with them.

Modifier wise I’m thinking it should mimic the VT2 bounty system with more restrictions or effects in the area. On top of general stuff like high intensity, vent purge, etc maybe include one boss level champion into the area or no grenades / no healing boxes. You could also introduce hazards like random fire pools or more barrels.

Rewards wise I basically have my wish list. Honestly if it’s just credits it would be kind of lame but any of the following would be cool

*high quality weapons (oranges or purples based off your current gear level)

*crafting mats stash

*random non store cosmetic

*premium currency

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