Flash Missions ... any news on that?

I mean. Come on. That’s like leaving half the map untextured…

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Flash missions appear once in a while on the mission board. But you have to pay attention, because they disappear in a flash.


Really? What are they?

Kappa PogO!

They are a warp entity, disguising as a clickable button. If you press it, you get sucked into the warp, never to return. It’s quite spooooky.

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Honestly off all the things we know are planned and hasn’t started yet Flash mission really are the one they don’t matter

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Ahhh yes just content what is missing, ppffff who cares im riiigh? At least we have krieger sets at inflated price, or cross play we cannot olt out…


I think flash missions were expanded to become the entire mission board… and then Fatshark forgot they made a penance for flash missions.

Because otherwise on a mission board where every mission is randomly generated already, flash missions just seem redundant.


Missin board missions are 24(?) Hour long but the user interface simply hide the icons after 1 hour… With maelstroom . com (wich list all available mission id) and many more try mod (wich is allowing you to select missions by id), you have an extended mission board.

Unlisted missions are 99% private because players dose not have the means to join your game (it is a slim chance with quick play but that thing heavy priorities listed missions)

It is not the intended work for the mission system and fatsharks probably do something about it in the future…


We don’t even know what it is, like there are bigger things that most people would like to have than bothering to make sure that all penances are possible to do (Not counting Penances that broke since last patch, those should be fixed)

Heck, I would even say that new Penances for the new blitz/abilities and all are more important than bothering with the Flash missions

Yes, there is more important stuff.

Still it’s weird to leave the two penances like that for a year, with no informationen whatsoever.

However, at this point I’m not surprised anymore.


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