Anyone seen the Flash Missions yet?


I’m not bashing or anything, just genuinely curious. Are they not there yet? Are they rare and spawn like once a day for 10 minutes or something? Or are they announced somewhere else (like with a twitter bot or something).

There is still a penance for it, so I’m assuming there are still here.


What do you mean? Flash? Is that a modifier?

I have strictly no idea what they are, they were not there during the POB or Closed Beta. There are two penances for it:

Edit: I’m assuming that they are ‘time limited’ mission, or ‘spontaneous’ missions based on the Penances titles and the description of it.

Okay cool. Thanks for the Headsup.

The most funny thing is after 7 months from release and a “major” Warhammer event, WE still dose not know…