What happens in between winds seasons?

Yes, we recommend Weave 157, that is relatively very easy, soloable material.

So… get someone who got that 157 unlocked, ask him to get carried, boom, you’re done for Season 1 :joy:


i dont care about leaderboards. i just want to know what happens if people play weaves in between seasons and how a player is affected on the leaderboards if they missed an entire season. is my weave progress going to be wiped because i missed the ending of first season?

it would be nice if you would answer the question as is and not make silly assumptions based on your opinion of what you think you read in the post. its an honest question based out of curiosity. thats it. thank you.


Well, there is a partial problem that there may be changes to Season 2, we dont know yet. As I understood for the moment Weave 1-40 will be free for all starting next season while Weave 41-160 have to be beaten one after another again unless you join friends in an already higher Weave. Seasons are long enough that you can complete them all in that time. So Weave-wise nobody will have an edge over you.

On the other hand as Athanor progress is not reseted it means other players will already have fully upgraded character which gives them a faster start although you can get there pretty fast unless you change characters to often.

All of this doesnt really matter, as in the current system finding groups for higher Weaves needs patience and starting with Weave 60-80 it will get really problematic to find one. So if you don’t have at least some Steam friends for Vermintide caring for the leaderboard is not an option. If you have some core team you can tackle the Weaves at your own pace and still get pretty much everything done (if you have the skill to do so).


thank you for your answer. i just got winds and i missed season 1 and i dont want to start it if my progress will get restarted if i played in between seasons. the leaderboard question stemmed from curiosity and how players could catch up if they missed too many weaves. i have met nice people in the game who are interested in weaves and we’re gonna try it when season 2 starts. it looks really neat. i definitely want to try it out

Funny how, everytime we are talking about weaves, there always are tons of problems… I would like help you, but I have classified weaves as a “big NOPE”. Weaves are wrong under so many points of view.

I have another question. Are there any unique rewards for seasons? You can get those weave frames regardless of season and season 1 okris challenges tab is just a ton of commendation chests. Are there any unique rewards for leaderboards or something ?

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“What happens in between winds seasons?”

Answer - Who cares? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Riordian Only frames for defeating another 5 winds, and ugly and lazy pink circles (also frame) when u reach 60, 80, 100… (I can be wrong about a particular level.) Honestly, a much nicer frame is this from Geheimnisnacht event, which was available to everyone.

Apparently, season 2 is to be better in this respect. This shows how much rushed the WoM release is, which is simply tragic. Now it will be repaired for several months, but I think it’s too late, because many other cool games come out or come out along the way.

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thats a good question too. i dont think theres enough info about weaves and is so confusing to me. i missed entire first season but am very interested in playing it.

You didn’t really miss it though, isn’t it still going? Just find someone on weave 157 and get the clear. Congrats, you passed season 1… I remember reading somewhere about rewards for being on the leader boards, but I think that was cancelled now.

Or if you want to be in position for next season, just clear weave 40 and you’re ready to jump right into season 2 at weave 41.


You’re getting a lot of extra commentary so I thought I’d try to answer your questions directly:

  1. Leaderboards are frozen, but that is unrelated to progress. You will not lose any progress, and can continue climbing weaves even with the leaderboard frozen.

  2. Leaderboard rankings are for individual weaves (weave number first, weave score second), so whether you’ve played season 1 or not doesn’t really matter.

For point #1, whether leaderboards reset or not, or how that’s handled is up in the air. Are s1 weaves going to still exist? Will they all be gone? No information at the moment. The last thing they said about weave progress resetting is that it would be “Opt In” (e.g., “to place on the leaderboard you must reset that season” type of deal) but none of this has been written in stone yet. And again, leaderboard placement is unrelated to weave progression, so theoretically you’d be able to do all the s2 weaves just fine without resetting if you don’t want to. (And as for what does resetting entail; score, athanor, athanor level, weaves hero level, etc no one knows)


thats not what i asked nor am i interested in skipping.

Just trying to help. There’s really no information on weaves until they get released? Perhaps @Fatshark_Hedge can answer you directly.

You can clear up to weave 40 now though so you are ready for season 2 if it works how I understood it described. Weaves 1-40 are the lower level ones that you can skip for season 2 as far as I understand. I don’t think missing season 1 will really effect you at all. There doesn’t seem to be anything you actually get for completing weaves besides portraits, but apparently those will always be around to get on any season.

If I understand what you’re asking, you want to know if you will be in a worse position to compete in season 2 if you didn’t do season 1? Which is why I advised you to just skip to the end. That way you can start at weave 40 with everyone else for season 2. Unless they require you to actually complete 1-40 in order to unlock 40 for season 2. Who knows…

I’m pretty sure that FS explained that Weave 1-40 will accessible from the get go for all Weave players starting with Season 2. And 41+ have to be unlocked on step-by-step basis again.

As I explained above the only thing he would be behind is the built-up phase of his character(s) which shouldnt take to long though. And since there is no reset of Athanor he could do it also inbetween the seasons. Doing high Weaves 80+ does nothing for him though.

Oh, so we won’t even have to grind weaves 1-40 to have them already unlocked? I thought you still had to grind up to 40 to start there next season. That’s good then.

And yea, if you just clear 1 weave, then you can stack stacking up Essence from doing normal adventure maps. I went and looked the other day, had half a million essence from doing normal maps. Went and maxed out my other characters for season 2.

Here, in the announcement under “Leaderboards and Progression” (Winds of Magic - Season 2 Blog Post)

Could still mean: “If you have done them in Season 1” but I doubt it. Current wording implies to me that they will be open for all from the get-go.


thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

I think the real answer is, Fat Shark goes into heavy Damage Control. Who knows what happens with anything season 1. They might even just wipe it and pretend it didn’t happen. I know if it was my project and I could get away with that I would, pretend it never happened.

There no place like home Fat Shark, there’s no place like home.

i dont think they will completely scrap it. doing so would result in having to refund everyone then work on yet another expensive expansion. i think they will just try to improve the existing game mode. tbh it is a neat idea. kudos to the devs for thinking outside the box and not just fart out battle royale garbage for fast easy money.

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I mean the ‘progress’ They havn’t heard of the sunken cost fallacy and feel they invested too much in weaves to not do it.

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