What happened between "beta" and "launch"?

Toughness being bugged to where when you have MORE than the default value you take increased damage?

RTX Always being on, even when you turn it off in the settings.

Predatory Cash shop with a FOMO aspect.

Flamer gets neutered into the ground.

Not receiving materials you picked up in a mission if you failed it.


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I would love to know what they actually changed for the flamer. It feels to me like they narrowed the flame significantly, increased the range and maybe damage and pushback? There is also a stat that affects the range and spread of the flame.

That’s odd on a mission I failed I kept the mats we picked up.

Currently a “bug” they are “fixing” and I hope they don’t.

it did? thank the emperor maybe see less of that annoying noob trap now then

It’s a shame the flamer feels so much less, impactful now, guess I’ll be sticking with the bolt gun.