What does sustained fire even do on a Hellbore

What does sustained fire even do on a Hellbore?

90% of the time the 2nd and 3rd shot does less damage than the first shot? (uncharged)

It’s absolutely useless on the charged

is it bugged?

Unfortunately i feel Hellbore just simply underperforms. for me it seems to be mostly with the 0 penetration. it is a very 1 shot 1 kill, unless you didn’t charge all the way, so you better shoot a second sho- oop. nope. he ran behind something… kind of gun. it can we great in some situations but nothing a normal lasrifle couldn’t do better and with a :flashlight: clicky clicky


I really like the punch of the helbore. The “phantom hits” are very painful when running that gun.

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Yeah, there has been to many times where i got my irons right on a special standing out in the open, and the shot just… i dont know, disappear into the void.