Is hellbore bugged to stop shooting?

This happens a lot when i use hellbores but i always thought it was just latency related (sometimes all inputs just dont go through) however ive noticed the hellbore in particular will stop shooting at random intervals, though it seems more often to happen with shooting rapidly and the enemy returns fire

Oh for sure. There have been plenty of times where I tried charging my next shot only to stare lovingly into the eyes of the scab shooter in front of me. Sometimes you have to spam fire to unglitch it. It also tends to get glitched if you swap weapons while charging, especially if you try to quick swap and block. It’ll hold a charge until I swap back and ads, at which point it fires. Helbores are pretty glitchy atm.

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I really hope they fix them. The mk2 is easily my favorite gun in the game. They do pretty much everything unlike the kantreals which are obsolete when it comes to carapace

Same, I also prefer the all-'roundedness of them, but it’s interesting you prefer the mk2. Most either like the mk1 or mk3 bc they pack more punch. It would be nice if they showed the hidden stats of weapons in the game, like innate crit and armor mod values, to make more sense of all these variants.