Helbore Lucius Lasgun and Deadzones broken on Controller

On controller the Helbore Lasgun don’t fire everytime wich make the weapon incredibily random to use.

Also deadzones at 0 feels like they’re still at default, there are also some issue navigating the menus mostly the video settings menu but that isn’t a big deal

Steps to Reproduce:
Plug Controller, Equip Hellbore Lasgun, try to fire

Mission Name (If Applicable): Happens in all of them

Platform: [Steam]

Reproduction Rate: 100%


on mine it wouldnt fire at all on ADS

Hope this can get fixed before release I really like this lasgun but had to stop using it because of this

same here, i can get it to work 10% of the time to fire while ADS but that’s still unusable

Yeah still not patched