What do you know about pain?

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Pfft … women …


That’s craaaazy. I just got my 4th red Swift Bow in a row yesterday… I hope this isn’t gonna happen.

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4 sets of Drakefire pistols, 2 1h Mace for Kruber, 2 Hammer and Shield for Bardin.

Oh, and 2 Grudge Rakers of course.


Hey, I will take some them off your hands! lol.
I only have two reds…a necklace and a charm.
Man a few nights ago I opened quite a few generals and emp vaults and recieved f all.
Two other people we were doing the runs with recieved 3 or 4…one other got zilch like me.
I know its RNG, but some system to work towards reds, or even better specific reds AND cosmetics cannot come soon enough.
Whatever the system is I would still like them to feel somewhat rare.
A tough thing to balance out for FS I am sure.

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