What do Warhammer 40k fans love?

Hi, I’m new to the forums, so thank you for having me.
I’m curious what is the thing that you most want to see in the game, is there anything that is a deal breaker if it’s not in?

Personally I just want to be able to literally melt dudes

I made a video speculating ten things I want to see in Darktide, by all means check it out

My opinion is more what I don’t want in; I don’t want us to play as Space Marines, I don’t want cinematic “finishers” like we see in a lot of modern games (the only game I liked them in was Battlefield 3+4, the melee knife kills were short, sweet, and seemed fairly sensible).

I’d like to see variety! I hope we can have a Skitarii, maybe even a Tau or Eldar if it makes sense. Lots of different weapons - at the very least, Xenos weapons can be used to add more interesting options.


Chain weapons and Power weapons.

What I especially like is fist/claw types.

Map design and style that shows how grandiose hive cities are, the epic scale of them (via backgrounds, preferably animated).

Dialogue between characters related to things that happen in the world, fleshing out lore.

Guns that work differently: ballistic, laser, plasma, flame, with wide choice in each category. I want a good variety of autoguns in particular.

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At least one female eldar player character :blush:

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A Howling Banshee would seem like a perfect fit for a squishy, mobile melee-focused character, now that I think about it.

Since it’s in a Hive City, though, it would be hard to actually explain the presence of any aliens, though. The Imperium is not like the Empire in that there’s some redeeming features or good leadership. They’re nasty xenophobes . . .

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same if I see ultramarines my head will explode lmao

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I just hope FatShark rethinks Vermintides loot and crafting (and deed) system and also the way they handle “skins”, not to say recolours and hats. Because those were and are still my biggest issues with the game, esp. if you are a longtime player. There really was enough feedback and suggestions over the last 2+ years, without any changes for Vermintide 2 (yet - hopefully) and I really hope FatShark is not only copy pasting this mess that’s currently in the game. I’m not worried about gameplay, atmosphere, weapons or maps, FatShark is pretty decent with those.


Yeah, while I like the book “hunting”, it’s honestly a bit daft that it’s tied to the quality of the reward you get.
It should, in all honesty, since it increases the difficulty you set at the beginning, provide you with additional loot rather than… the current system in which if you want the best gear, you have to get all books and then pray to rngesus that he looks kindly upon you.
Such a horrible mechanic.
Give me a chest with a scaling chance of green-blue depending on my level, a small chance of orange and a tiny chance of reds. Then give me an extra chest for books that can use the current system.

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