What do Warhammer 40k fans love?

Hi, I’m new to the forums, so thank you for having me.
I’m curious what is the thing that you most want to see in the game, is there anything that is a deal breaker if it’s not in?

Personally I just want to be able to literally melt dudes

I made a video speculating ten things I want to see in Darktide, by all means check it out

My opinion is more what I don’t want in; I don’t want us to play as Space Marines, I don’t want cinematic “finishers” like we see in a lot of modern games (the only game I liked them in was Battlefield 3+4, the melee knife kills were short, sweet, and seemed fairly sensible).

I’d like to see variety! I hope we can have a Skitarii, maybe even a Tau or Eldar if it makes sense. Lots of different weapons - at the very least, Xenos weapons can be used to add more interesting options.


Chain weapons and Power weapons.

What I especially like is fist/claw types.

Map design and style that shows how grandiose hive cities are, the epic scale of them (via backgrounds, preferably animated).

Dialogue between characters related to things that happen in the world, fleshing out lore.

Guns that work differently: ballistic, laser, plasma, flame, with wide choice in each category. I want a good variety of autoguns in particular.


At least one female eldar player character :blush:

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A Howling Banshee would seem like a perfect fit for a squishy, mobile melee-focused character, now that I think about it.

Since it’s in a Hive City, though, it would be hard to actually explain the presence of any aliens, though. The Imperium is not like the Empire in that there’s some redeeming features or good leadership. They’re nasty xenophobes . . .

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same if I see ultramarines my head will explode lmao

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I just hope FatShark rethinks Vermintides loot and crafting (and deed) system and also the way they handle “skins”, not to say recolours and hats. Because those were and are still my biggest issues with the game, esp. if you are a longtime player. There really was enough feedback and suggestions over the last 2+ years, without any changes for Vermintide 2 (yet - hopefully) and I really hope FatShark is not only copy pasting this mess that’s currently in the game. I’m not worried about gameplay, atmosphere, weapons or maps, FatShark is pretty decent with those.


Yeah, while I like the book “hunting”, it’s honestly a bit daft that it’s tied to the quality of the reward you get.
It should, in all honesty, since it increases the difficulty you set at the beginning, provide you with additional loot rather than… the current system in which if you want the best gear, you have to get all books and then pray to rngesus that he looks kindly upon you.
Such a horrible mechanic.
Give me a chest with a scaling chance of green-blue depending on my level, a small chance of orange and a tiny chance of reds. Then give me an extra chest for books that can use the current system.

Came for the space marines, stayed for the eldar.

I love Vermintide 2. It is my favourite game by far. What keeps me invested is the mechanical depth of the core game play and the randomness of the game director, which makes every run different. I have faith that Darktide will be equally enjoyable at this level. However, Vermintide 2 has many flaws and stupid design decisions in all of the sytems that surround the core game experience - these are frustrating and don’t respect a player’s time or effort. I hope Fatshark pull their heads out of their collective asses and avoid these problems with Darktide, making it a fun and rewarding experience. Here is what I hope they will learn from Vermintide 2 and avoid in Darktide:

  1. No RNG loot with duplicates - the current system in VT2 is an abomination and a huge middle finger to players. It took me 2.3K hours to get all red skins. The last red skin I needed was a 1H hammer - I openned every chest as Bardin at this point and got 128 duplicate reds before the hammer finally dropped. If you assume a 20% red drop rate that’s a minimum of 640 successful legend/cata runs (or 250-300 hours) to get one skin. That’s total BS! I don’t mind grind but I HATE RNG+duplicates. Make the loot sytem rational, either like the red skin challenges for the DLC weapons (kill X things) or the career hat challenges (complete Y games with weapon Z on legend difficulty or above). This way players can choose the weapons they want the skin for and work towards getting it knowing that if they grind the necessary number of hours they will get it. Being Ranald’s b!tch is no fun. If you absolutely love the RNG BS then give us Bogenhafen style chests - the loot is RNG but you never get duplicates. IMO, a completionist should be able to get everything in the base game after 300-500 hours if they have the necessary skill to do the toughest challenges.

  2. No RNG crafting - it’s tedious af and adds nothing to the game. Give us the Athanor sytsem with improvements - let me pick the power level I want to upgrade to and then subtract the essence. Why you making me hit ‘upgrade’ 30 times?

  3. Know your playerbase. Look at your telemetry and figure out how people actually play the game. It might be easy to find a pre-made group around the Fatshark office but don’t assume that that is how your game is actually played in the real world. Weaves were a nice concept but they landed with a dull thud because ‘real’ players can’t find teamates. I have thousands of hours in the game and have never played in a pre-made team. Similarly, deeds and twitch modes are great, but there is no matchmaking system in-game because you assume they are played by pre-made teams. Same goes for FoW. If you release a new mode they give players a way to match make specifically into these types of games.

  4. Level 5 and 15 THP talents - I hope that THP isn’t a mechanic in DT; but, if it is then put the THP/stagger talents into weapons or weapon crafting slots NOT into classes because in Vermintide 2 these talents just restrict weapon choice on a given class.

  5. No classes. Many of the VT2 classes have a lot of useless talents. Plus a lot of talents are just re-package buffs to the same stat (+ attack speed on push/hit 3 enemies/<50% health…). It’s the illusion of choice. Just give use 4 or 5 unique characters with a big skill tree that gives us a lot of distinct builds for a single character. If we have to have ults, then tone them down or make bosses much more difficult - BH, Shade, GK…etc just turn most mini-bosses and bosses into a joke.

  6. Cosmetic variety - don’t bother with all the re-colours. Give us something truly novel or nothing at all. I’d also like some consistency between damage reduction and movement speed with a character’s kit (No ‘I’m a GK wearing a full suit of armour but get no damage reduction’ stupidity).

  7. Support approved mods. If you approve a mod Fatshark then support it and test it with each new patch and make fixes before it is released. Having mods constantly be incompatible with new updates makes you look like rank amateurs that never play their own game.

  8. Smaller hordes with better AI and more varied moveset - giant hordes of paper-thin clan rats that have 2 attack moves are not a challenge and just tank my frame rate. Give me smaller groups of tougher enemies with more varied attack patterns.

  9. Better bosses - make bosses and mini-bosses great again. More Nurgolth level bosses please.

  10. More complex maps - give us branched maps with alternate paths whose accessibility is randomly selected at the start of each game. This increases game variety without taking up too much hard drive space. More verticality in maps and give one or more characters access to zip lines that the whole team can use to traverse the environment.

  11. No book mechanics - 1 less potion of med kit slot is boring. Let us increase difficulty by activating randomized spawns of elites/bosses in a map.

  12. Weapon attachments - let me customize my gun by adding telescopic or night vision sights or grenade lauchers to it.

  13. Quicker character leveling. Having level gated difficulties (Champ, legend, cata) and requiring players to level every character separately is dumb. If I have been playing Kruber on Cata for months I’m not gonna have fun going back to Recuit with my level 1 Sienna. Allow all characters to level at the same time -If Kruber is level 35 then all characters are level 35. If you want to gate difficulty then make it so you have to complete X maps of the lower difficulty to unlock the next difficulty. Example: complete all Helmgart maps on Champion to unlock Legend.


Definitely this. VT2 is largely melee with some ranged in my view (barring certain weapons/careers and Sienna), I hope Darktide is the reverse. I’d love it if they have the same melee system as VT2 with some of the issues ironed out, no sliding enemies etc., hopefully using different animations by the time launch comes around and not recycled VT2 melee animations, but I want the focus to be mostly on ranged with some careers/weapons that are more melee oriented and then a psyker for those who want a Sienna equivalent.

I want to see higher calibres cause more of an impact than lesser ones and for weapons like meltas I want to see them burn holes in the enemy. If a bolt pistol is included I want to hear the roar as the conventional charge inside ignites (before the rocket component kicks in) followed by the period as projectile arms and the explosion when it impacts an enemy further out.

Basically: I do want a good chunk of melee combat, but like how melee weapons got so much love in VT2, I feel ranged weapons need to get that same kind of love in a 40k game. I’d be happy with a 25:75 split of melee to ranged as a rough estimate as a reverse to VT2, with some weapon choices and careers pushing that towards more melee for variety - and it almost wouldn’t be 40k with at least one loadout containing a chainsword + boltpistol combo.

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