What did they do with WARRIOR PRIEST

the “divine excoriation” talent no longer exists or only works in the ultimate, it’s a shame… one of the coolest and most effective talents on a large number of enemies, it could be added to the level 10 talent “Unstoppable Force”
the two talents merge and become just one

I believe that this talent, even visually, is cool, and adds life (visually) to the WP kit, removing this will only limit it to the golden hammer and the shield

:stop_sign::stop_sign: post update :stop_sign::stop_sign:

I don’t know what fatshark’s intention was to just exclude the talent, “divine excoriation”, the new stun effect you can’t even notice that it’s happening during the shield, in the past the talent that reduces the blocking cost by 50% was a perfect match with the divine excoriacão, because when it hit enemies, the WP could quickly push all enemies without wasting much energy, simply very useful and cool, besides it wasn’t “OP” as it didn’t cause damage. These changes were just to please the “MAIN GREEN CIRCLES” who want to get top dmg…
It’s a shame to remove such an interesting talent that had a huge synergy with other talents and was useful in all modes: weave, chaos weastes, twitch…
A talent like that was thrown away just for a few people to have fun catching green circles.
it’s a pity.

I found some more old videos about this magnificent talent that were deleted, RIP DIVINE EXCORIATION :sob:

I have more videos with this talent, so xbox deleted them :expressionless:

Yes. The Warrior Priest changes are well-intentioned, and I love that they are trying to address Righteous Fury proccing at useless times. But their changes are baffling.

The invuln bubble did NOT need a buff. Double bubble will be absurdly powerful with Unyielding Blessing now baked in.
Righteous Fury building when you take damage incentivizes taking damage and still denies the player control over when it procs. They added talents to give other ways to build fury, which will likely become railroaded as dominant build options.
They removed a super fun and visually appealing talent, as you said, with divine excoriation.
And most baffling of all, they added party-wide +Monster damage in the same breath as they nerfed boss killers.

I proposed the simplest solution: Make Righteous Fury start the next time you hit an enemy with a charged attack, rather than the moment the bar fills. Full bars can be held for 15s before decaying. No other changes necessary.

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Of course, I thought it was absurd that they removed divine excoriation… these changes are very strange, all you had to do was add divine excoriation to the level 10 talent, or else the stun extends the duration of righteous fury…
Honestly, these changes discouraged me from the game…

fatshark why did you remove the divine excoriation?

fatshark: “yes”

The talent they replaced it with is kinda broken anyway. I recommend they add the push shockwaves back but remove ‘taking damage gives you holy fury’. I would keep it so it triggers a free ult, but make it so that it’s an ult without any of the bonuses gained from the level 30 talents.

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On the other hand, the issue they wanted to address was that for many, they´d clear a horde and then fury would come online. Or they´d fight ambients and activate it and then horde happens. This Uncontrollable random jumping was indeed kinda sad in normal play.

But i also do not think their fix was a really a good one in hindsight, powercreep on one hand, removal of existing and not bad stuff on the other. If only base careers with borked talents those fixed instead T.T

This still happens tho. They didn’t address the underlying issue. You don’t directly control activating Righteous Fury. You have some additional ways to build and control over building Fury charge. You still watch your bar drain uselessly after killing a boss. They just made Righteous Fury proc far more often.

I’d like control over when to activate Righteous Fury. ‘Next charged attack’ is a great compromise. Actually gives direct control. No need to add a new keybind. You can still light attack if some trash mobs are in your way before you want to activate. And it synergizes with a lvl 10 talent.

Is there actually anything happening with unyielding blessing other than extending time? I’m assuming this is the talent you’re talking about here. I can’t find anyone else talking about it, but I’ve yet to see any visual or additional stagger effects with this level 30 talent on PlayStation.

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