What can be improved in the inventory

Shortly: MORE ICONS and illusions for the jewlery
This is probably a topic that only veteran players with loads of equipment stocked up in the inventory, will agree, but here goes:
Please add more icon types to the jewelry. There’s an enormous issue with it, because I can not tell what is what anymore. I have so many, there are doubles and triples all with different properties and traits for every need. And the problem is, I can not tell them apart.

it may not be the case for fresh players who may not have any of those, but the core of the players are essentially long-time fans who are probably have piles of items with the same icons.
Please add some “jewlery illusions” so we can tell our items from each other

I would also welcome any other solutions for the problem


i posted my personal solution to this issue in some other post a while ago.

I specifically coded each piece of accessory to a specific build so I can memorize it visually.
Take for instance your trinkets. First thing first, let’s be honest, you will always need Curse Resistance for general QP if you planned on collecting books, that means Crit5%, Stamina Regen, and Cooldown are your most viable 2ndary options.

So for me, the Dwarf trinket represents Tank build, so I put Stamina regen/Curse resist on it. I put crit5% on the Lucky Rat skull, and Cooldown on the Scroll. All my trinkets have Grenadier for 25% bomb recycle. Since you have duplicates, you can make the same loadouts with Shrapnel.

If for some reason you don’t need Curse Resist, just put your favored traits on a different Trinket like the Fish or Skull Pendant.

For Charms, I used the Silver Lion Head to represent Boost vs Chaos and Skaven, as an example. All my charms have 25% pot recycle. Just make a duplicate charm with the same stats if you prefer Concoction or Duration+

Necklaces same thing, just color code them to a character. Kruber would get the Gold and Silver Crosses for instance, Sienna would get the Tilted Gold Skull necklaces, Kerrilian gets the Jade stone necklace. Bardin gets the triple skull necklace.

Just put whatever your load needs, it’s mostly going to be Health, Stamina, and BCR with NB or Boon anyways.

Rerolling all those reds shouldn’t be an issue. If it is…don’t be lazy…

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Aye, that’s a great solution. But in that case it’d be really nice to be able to reroll illusions as well. Just because I might have more trinkets of the same “type” than I have icons for them

say for instance you need more Rat Skulls. Farm more boxes, hope you get some rat skulls (doesnt matter what color) upgrade it to Orange or Red. Reroll an orange until it is perfect if lacking red dust. Sounds awful I know, but I usually get a perfect orange anything within 50 dust. This is just what I do.

Just make sure you have the inventory and crafting mods that are sanctioned. Saves you tons of time and headaches

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I know. It’s not impossible to overcome the problem, but what I ask for is the QoL change that would save the headache

Look at it this way. You don’t NEED more gear. Now you’re just playing to placate OCPD for an aesthetically pleasing and perfect inventory system. So it’s not a chore, it’s to scratch that itch in the back of your head that everything needs to be organized.

well, wouldn’t you like it to be possible to organize it with ease? It’s not a priority or a bug that needs urgent fixing. But it is also a small thing that I suppose won’t take much effort to add, and yet would be really helpful. So we all can have a joy of the game without something nagging every time we use inventory

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