Necklace, Charm and Trinket icons

It’d be nice if we were able to choose the icons of our necklace, charm and trinkets like illusions for weapons. It’s definitely not a necessity but it’d be nice to have the option . :slight_smile:


You know, before I hit the short-sighted and now outdated inventory limit old accounts are still saddled with, I was trying to collect Veteran tier accessory items; enough so that I could have one icon to match the theme of every character (e.g., Myrmidia suns for Sienna).

Now, I’m not sure they should make them changeable until they fix all the old account inventory limits because more illusions mean more inventory slots taken up. I’ve also got to slow down on buying new Cosmetics and stuff for coins from the shop because I wonder if it will break something since I’m just a handful away from the limit.


I’m sure they’ll migrate us by 2025. Or when we refuse to buy the next set of cosmetics because of this limit.