Allow charm , trinket and necklace to appear on character model please

In V1 we had trinkets actually pop up on our character, visually, when equipped , for example a rack of vials hanging from the waist or a lichebone hanging from bardins backpack . i loved this feature and would dig it if you guys implemented it in V2 , maybe not necklaces so much but at least charms and trinkets . huge fan of customization AND the small details .


Yeah I really really hope they will bring this back :slight_smile: It was so cool to see all those dangly bits :smiley:

I agree, some of the charms say they’re ‘rings’ so it would be nice to see them appear on the hands of your character.
At the very least can we get actual pictures of them that match with the name instead of the current placeholders?

Yes please! We need the “bling” and the over the top equipment details that the Warhammer world is known for :warhammer: :crown: