Animated Accessories

Did a quick search to see if this has been brought up before, found nothing similar.

In VT1, if you didn’t use a mod to see what trinkets everyone was using, you can still
physically SEE what they had equipped. V2 still shows books and potions attached to character belts. So where are the trinket/charm/necklace animations? Trinkets slot is the only slot with different items (scrolls, rat skull, key, badge), charms are just rings so unless the character isn’t wearing a glove, the ring would not be seen. Necklaces could be visible around the neck just bouncing about.

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Yeah i want this badly… some trinkets have really cool design
also i want animated portrait
i remembered there was a word that portrait required high skills or lots of time will receive animation

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I’d like to see the trinkets too, although they wouldn’t be as helpful in this game since there’s like 3 versions and the properties and trait can be anything for any of them.

I really liked the V1 system because each trinket had a unique appearance and unique properties.

you’re right, that’s probably why they didn’t animate the trinkets, it wouldn’t reflect any notable properties. BUT I STILL want them dangling off the characters for cosmetic reasons.

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