Minor QoL tweaks:

I’ve got so many different variants of trinkets, charms and necklaces that now it’s a pain trying to find the exact one I want - I think the inventory is arranged by illusion. It would be easier if you could either 1) arrange these items by trait (or first property for green or blue items); or, 2) let me apply illusions to necklaces/trinkets/charms, so that I can give all the explosive ordnance charms one illusion and apply a different illusion to the grenadier charms…etc.

Also, it’d be nice if the cosmetic portrait frames were organized in a logical way: put all of the Kerillian frames next to one another organized by class and difficulty, put all event frames together, put all of the variants of the same achievment frames (like FoV or deeds or Dark Omens) together in ascending order of difficulty. It’d just be easier to find what you want quickly.

Also, being able to salvage every item of a selected colour that has not been “favourited” and below (i.e., all orange tier and below) items at the single click of a button would be nice.

These are not big problems, but it’d just make inventory management a little easier.


while I agree these features should be in the base game, here is an approved mod that will help you manage your inventory: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1497664830


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