Rework Inventory

Hey guys,

since I am one of those players who enjoy all 5 Charakters, with nearly all 3 carreers each, I have a huge problem handling the inventory…

everytime I get a new, better trinket I have to jump through all 15 classes to check wich one still has the old trinket if i want to salvage…

also comparing the stats on other champs trinkets is kind of lame, for example: playing the IB bardin, gettin a trinket with curse res +crit chance, but got on him max hp & res…

res+crit would be nice on many others but then there is the need to switch through all of em, because if i dont and play Slayer 2 days later i might miss to equip the new stuff

by now i spend bout 20 mins every day before i get off to check all inventories… :face_vomiting:
plz find a way to deal better with it, it was awesome in V1

First off I 100% agree with this.

  1. We should be able to manage a characters class and inventory without changing to them.
  2. We should be able to salvage an item even if it’s equiped, default to a level 5 item if that item is destroyed.
  3. We should be able to upgrade an item even if it’s equiped
  4. We should be able to mark items as “do not destroy” to prevent accidents.

That being said I currently swap off the trinket, neck, and charm on any character before I log off of them. That way when I get an upgrade I can salvage it.

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