Remove cant craft if equipped please

well if i got a trinket equipped on all careers i have to remove it 15 times then upgrade it and re-equip it 15 times. I understand this function is good on salvage but honestly frustrating on upgrade and change stats functions.

maybe also an option to toggle on/off on salvage function

also an option to istant craft to toggle on/off

and an option to istant savage from boxes, vermin1 got it and is good


You mean the salvage on Loot screen? That was a mod

oh right, well i think i have to wait for a Quality of Life 2 for that but the not-craftable if equipped is an issue, maybe i have to report my suggestions to mod developers, ty

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Maybe have an indicator that says who has it equipped but not disallowing the ability to modify or salvage it.

We should just be able to manage the equipment of ALL our characters FROM ONE, CENTRAL HUB, instead of haivng to go through all of htem. In VT 1 we could manage our hero equipment from the inventory in the Red Moon Inn!

I actually like to switch all 15 characters to un equip my items thank you very much.

An ‘unequip on all’ button would be a tremendous quality of life improvement.

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yeeeah something should be done about it, if you coded yourself into a corner of being able to salvage / reroll equiped items, at LEAST add an unequip all button.

also, inb4 “neah it’s not assinine design you just need to gid gud” @_@

agreed. it’s so annoying to hunt down that 1 character still using a trinket i want to reroll…

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