[Suggestion] Crafting - "Unequip Item from All characters" feature

When crafting and salvaging you often end up with certain lower power items which do not show up in the inventory when you want to salvage items.

This is because the lower power item is equipped on another character.

In order to salvage the item you have to switch to that Hero/Subclass and unequip it then attempt to salvage it again… however the item might be equipped on multiple characters which means you have to literally switch to every subclass to find it, unequip it and then finally be able to salvage it.

This may not be an issue if you only play one character, e.g. Bardin, and those subclasses.

But some of us are already playing multiple different subclasses and thus have to do a lot of logging in and out with different subclasses just to find the one subclass where you have it equipped. Something which may not even be doable if you are in a group and others are playing the Hero where your item is equipped.

Obviously this is very annoying, time consuming and cumbersome.

Could we please have a feature added to the Salvage/Crafting inventory screen simply called

"Unequip Item from ALL characters"

Pressing this button would unequip the item from ALL other subclasses where it is equipped and equip that slot with the template version of the item instead.

This would be a huge relief and quality of life improvement for those of us trying to play various classes and also do some crafting.

Thanks for reading.

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