Inventory Management - atrocious!

Why do I have to unequip an item from ALL characters before I can salvage it?

Why do I have to unequip a weapon from all subclass heroes before I can apply an illusion?

Why is this inventory system so extremely cumbersome?

If I want to salvage charms, necklaces or trinkets I literally have to LEAVE MY GROUP and log in to EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER, including subclasses, to make sure the item is unequipped across EVERY HERO AND SUBCLASS?

What is this nonsense?

If I salvage an item that some other character has equipped then simply default that character to equip the Blacksmith version of the item.

How bloody hard can this be?

This inventory system is absolutely atrocious.


(And then you can salvage cosmetic items or reds without even noticing :woman_facepalming: )