What anime, or show, are you watching?

I’m watching Mahou Shoujo Site.

Mahou Shoujo is a messed up anime about bullying, life, and other messed up themes.

Here is what it looks like https://myanimelist.net/anime/36266/Mahou_Shoujo_Site

A friend recommend it to me, I don’t like it at all, lol. It’s too dark for my tastes.

Been watching the new season of Luke Cage and Archer. Both are good XD

Waiting for the new season of the anime Overlord to start up. I’ve read most of the light novels for it and it’s pretty good.

Trying to find somewhere I can watch the second season of Norwegian series Okkupert. They seem to have taken it down from everywhere…

Is overlord the one where the guy is an evil wizard trying to conquer the world, and all the babes like him?

He gets pulled into a MMORPG game. He’s a skeleton mage. I wouldn’t say he’s evil, he’s actually not that bad compared to his followers lol. And then some of his followers are what I would consider as good, or just. Others are simply insane and see humans as nothing more than insects or trash. Only there for their amusement. I really enjoyed the novels, so I was excited when they did an anime. It’s pretty good as well.

Hmm, I might be thinking of a different anime then.

BTW how many novels of Overlord do we have now in english? And how many of them 2 seasons of anime covers?

i’m watching the Sopranos now. i’m too old to appreciate anime sadly, i just can’t relate to it at all, everything seems way too exaggerated =(

You’re not alone, mate. I feel the same way. I discovered, if you just shut your brain off and just watch it like TV, it wouldn’t be as bad.

Of course, this wont help with nonsensical plots, and terrible character development.

I’m not sure how many have been officially translated. There’s a guy called Nigel who does a fan translation, there’s a reddit page with links to all the volumes. He’s done up to Volume 13. The later volumes are not really what I would call a Light Novel. Some of them are 500-800 pages if I remember correctly. The 2nd season of the anime just got to the 8 fingers crime organisation. So it’s really far behind… If it keeps going at it’s current pace. They will probably have to do at least 4 more seasons to catch up the novel. I guess it depends how much information they keep. I think the 2nd season covered up to 6th volume, but obviously not everything from each volume.

One of my favorite shows. I just re-watched it not too long ago along with “The Wire”. I guess it depends what anime you’re watching. There’s some really good crime and thriller ones, even some really good Sci-Fi.

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That’s the exact reason I watch almost no TV series nowdays, also most hollywood modern movies are very weak plot-wise. Too bad, it’s not only “anime” problem.

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you almost triggered my insane rage over disney mutilating my beloved childhood universe of star wars

GRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ok i’m ok.

Well for whats worth, not all anime is bad.

Code Geass

Ergo Proxy


School-Live! (Can be unbearable at times, but still enjoyable imo.)

Parasyte -the maxim-

Kaiji: Against All Rules

Death Note

Welcome to the N.H.K.


Cowboy Bebop

The Big O

I probably missed a bunch of other good animes, do forgive me.

Anyways are all worth checking out, and if you can’t find anything good, you can always rewatch em.


How depressing :frowning:

Nah, fortunately I have plenty of other things to do that keep me busy :smiley:

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Oh, well that is good. Good job you, for being productive in life, and doing stuff!

Chill out, I also loved first star wars 4-6 when I was a kid, then I enjojed watching ep 1-3 when I was studying at school and university, but after watching last 2 films of this universe I asked myself a question “why did I even bother watching this?”. Also I’m not saying that all modern shows are bad, but for me most of them are meh.

Ofc you missed some good shows, your list can be extended a lot, but it’s not the case. Also there are some prety OK anime in almost any season, but it’s 3-5 titles at the best, most of which are sequels/remakes, and maybe more then 50 imouto/harem/isekai/etc trash, and tonns of trashi hentai anime.

The thing that I hate about most animes these days. Is how the main character is always the perfect one, and is very charismatic, and has all the babes. For some reason these kind of things turn me off.

How am I supposed to emphasize with a mary sue type character.

lol, I was never interested in Star wars. I’ve only watched them cause my wife made me when the new movies were coming out. She wanted to go to the movies and see them. She’s a huge Star Wars fan and drags me along to all that crap. I can’t even remember the characters names…

@SmokerT69 I’ve always wondered, what is your profile pic supposed to be? It looks like a vase in a blanket to me.