Any possibility of Darktide getting an anime?

cyberpunk 2077 got an anime and it was awesome. It would be really cool to see Darktide get one as well. I love how the ragtag team of misfits gets along with each other as they battle to save teh world. especially the ogryn and psyker. so wholesome!

I think a vermintide anime would be better, as vermintide has actual characters and story, unlike darktide.


either would be good i guess, but im more familiar with 40k and i like the space setting more too

I think it’s because you want the girls on OF to do more nurgle stuff!



Who wants some nurglussy?



just by the fact that “darktide” is nothing and Warhammer 40k ist the Trademark you might be interested in the upcomming w40k live-action series(Ironhorn) and anime projects ( Paria Nexus)?

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Thanks for bringing them to my attention. Ill check them out.


Why do you think so?

Gamesworkshop keeps a tight leash on animated content with it all going through their warhammer+ subscription service, I don’t see why they would pay Fatshark for the rights to use Darktide as a plot basis for a show when there is virtually no plot as is.

oh I guess that’s fair :frowning:

I could watch Victor read the phonebook aloud if he did it in character.


Please tell me your joking lol

Papa nurgle appreciates your vomit!

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