GW banning all fanart

So how does that work. And don’t tell me crap about losing IP because somehow a lot of others IP don’t care or not do any C&D to fan art/animations.
How its different than for example team fortress2, valve don’t do anything to community like that. More like quite opposite they promote it (saxxy etc) ?
And what does that means for warhammer fanstuff overall? Do all guys that make not meme/satire animation or art will be prosecuted by GW?
@Fatshark_Hedge @FatsharkJulia Can you guys show some light on that?
" * Fan-films and animations – individuals must not create fan films or animations based on our settings and characters. These are only to be created under licence from Games Workshop." Its mostly about that


Its not something we’re involved with or have any additional information about. That said we’re keeping tabs on the discussions about and around it.


Thanks for fast anserw.
Its just, for me a lot of warhammer fun is actually community made stuff.
GW never did any good story made animations (maybe now that they recruited few guys that made those amazing animations) or even those voice/radio driven stories.
Even now, vermintide community started to pump out amazing artwork/animations inspiring others to do same, GW response to it is a big bummer.

And not even saying anything about long standing projects that are insanely well made.


I think it’s Warhammer+ streaming W40k and so on that has initiated the clampdown. We can’t have amateurs bending the rules and creating all kinds of art that might be misconstrued as something to do with the animated series. GW do not want any confusion about what is theirs and they have to be seen to be defending their IP or lose control of it.

There’s a history of GW knocking this kind of thing on the head. I can remember something like 2004-5 a group of german guys made a fan-film and it was pretty good. GW stamped on it hard, and it had to be viewed through. limewire… WinMX… not entirely legitimate means.

GW will clamp down on a lot of stuff, and probably start with places like DeviantArt and so on. Good luck trying to stop ALL fanart though.

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I re-read all the IP guidelines and I think they’ve been subject to quite a big update. They don’t want amateurs anywhere near their stuff, especially the iconography, images, designs and so on. So even something that looks a bit like a Witchhunter could be subject to cease and desist - although anything that looks like an ACTUAL witchhunter is probably ok, just without anything that might remotely be like GW’s witchhunter.

In the case of the Astartes fanfic anims, I guess there’s a whole heap of problems because the net is so massive and unregulated there’s a chance it might be mistaken for Legit. Is the Marine’s armour EXACTLY like official? Are they using iconography that might mean GW are diluting their IP?

Also I think if you don’t defend your IP vigorously you can lose it.

Although my gut feeling is still that it’s about protecting their Warhammer plus animated channel they’re plugging.

Pretty much otherwise its such bad PR for them that I dont see how their grubby cash grabbing hands would want to do kill free advertisment.