People who claim that GW is somehow behind the incompetence of V2

Fatshark Robin:

It hurts me to correct somebody that’s defending us but Games Workshop actually does not publish the game (we only license the IP) so we have very much control over where the game goes. They care a lot for the IP itself, but it’s through review rather than direction. They for instance will review and approve every sound, model, texture, UI, line of text, character concept, etc that we put in the game. If a barrel is standing in the corner of a room on some map, you know that somebody from GW has personally looked at it and approved that it is in fact Warhammer. That’s also why every story told over the course of VT1 and VT2 are canon warhammer lore (which to me, as a fan of warhammer since I was like 12, is amazingly cool).

We do screw up sometimes though. For instance the green eyes of the slaves that were shown in one of the trailers had not been approved by GW before we sent that trailer out and it subsequently got redacted. The idea at that point was that the slaves got driven mad by the Screaming Bell on the map with the same name so they were going to have green eyes on that map. GW felt it was over the top and not lore correct so we removed it, unfortunately not until after that trailer was recorded and sent out :confused:

For why the DLC is delayed and why it doesn’t have to do with xb1:


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So GW could be responcible for creating a delay in release of new content by revewing content and requireing changes but fat shark is primarily to blame for things.

Fatshark Robin:

They most definitely have not.


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