Are we learning anything more about the patch today?

Hi! Just asking because it’s Thursday and that’s usually when inforeleases come out, that’s all. @FatsharkCatfish do you know if we’re gonna be learning anything today?



Some new CM ( Fatshark CM Sister Septicemia) posted on the steam forums that they’re just waiting on the thumbs up internally to release the information.

So apparently there is a new CM and they’re waiting on approval to release the information


She’s on the Discord as well, apparently the hold up is on GW’s end. They need GW approval before anything goes out.


James Workshop, up to his old tricks again, trying to interfere with John Darktide at every opportunity :angry:


Stuff like this reinforces my opinion that anything Warhammer is only popular as it is in spite of GW’s attempt to drive the franchise(s) into the ground. Getting into licensing agreements with them sounds like a micromanaged nightmare.


Yeah, apparently Blizzard really wanted to utilize their brand recognition, but didn’t want to be under the thumb of their oppressive IP control so we got Warcraft and Starcraft basically emerging as sorta copy paste universe games. Literally because of GW.

NGL, I’m one of the few hipster weirdoes that has hated Blizzard even back when they were still cool. Mostly to do with the fact that I’ve never liked arcade/casual RTS, but Dawn of War was one of the few that I did like. I shudder to think that Starcraft 1 could’ve been DoW1, but that’s just me being a hater.

So the cat is finally out of the bag.
That explains a lot of what we’ve seen thus far.


and also explains a lot of what we haven’t seen thus far also!


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I bet GW is flat out pissed and paranoid that Fatshark let Tencent be involved with their IP. Especially after they became a majority stake holder.

In concur, but must also add - These copy pasta universes are worse in every way. Watered down.

If we’re really honest about Blizzard, they never really had much depth or intellectual writing to begin with. All their “big” universes were intellectually stolen ideas and made worse by having their nuance removed.

Warhammer Old World is cool, because there is nuance to all the nasty elements. Every faction fights for their own and spilled blood is what makes you get ahead. Aside from that you’ve got 19th century European beardstyles, cowmen with an identity crisis, genocidal ratmen and a host of baseline fantasy factions with their worst traits amped up to eleven.

Compare with WarCraft: Everything has the facade of being grim, but only as far as you can fake it because Blizzard still wants it’s audience of 12 year olds. They cannot commit to actual grim story-telling, even if they really wanted. Yet their lead writer Chris Metzen has an obvious thing for stuff that’d get you banned from the Darktide Discord. And he shoehorns those smut plotpoints in whenever something in the story happens, which just forces his secondary writer to promptly censor it.
The universe also suffers from black-and-white painting of the worst variation. Horde and Alliance totally want to have peace and it’s le ebil Scourge / Dragons / Demons ruining the fun.
But they also hate each other, but not really. But low-key kinda do. Oh here’s a genocidal action from one faction to another. Thousands of citizens killed and then turned into zombies. But they will ignore it and go back to being friends 10 mins later.
This is a kid-friendly show somehow and thus we shouldn’t factor long-term consequences or geopolitical narratives into our story - Even though that makes zero sense. It’s drab like that for a purpose, namely so they can drag the beaten-down, contrived corpse of a plot in any manner forward - If only temporarily, because it may also be cast aside whenever they want a quick, silly Horde-Alliance team event.

The deeper you dive into the Warcraft iceberg, the more you realize what an absolute spineless mess it is on every front. This lack of commitment is then dragged on to every other facet of gameplay, visual, level, sound and game design, like an infectious disease spread by Nurgle himself.
Never before have I seen so much potential squandered, so many great assets placed into a filthy frame. So many ambience noises and musical pieces tarnished by being played along boring 1-2-3-1-2-3 button mashing sequences.
I know this reads like a copy pasta almost, but I really am tired of Blizzard and I am glad their poor delivery of product finally caught up with them.

TL;DR: Blizzard acts like they’re chill, but the reality is they can’t take the heat. They just don’t have it in them when it comes to World Building or story-planning (hence why they stole these two IPs in the first place).


I’m gonna take this as a “no, we aren’t”.

I don’t mind not knowing. I do mind knowing if I’m going to know or not.

A simple “yes”, or perhaps a “no”, would be ok. @FatsharkCatfish , anything?


Got this off the Steam forums quick. I don’t really want to search on the Discord too much for any messages but I may give it a try in a bit. Really the only thing I can say is I hope we get it tomorrow or at the very least Monday or Tuesday.


Well, there’s always Wednesday if none of those pan out. Y’know, just logging in and seeing it firsthand. I guess I can last another 6 days.

Getting more info before launch is optimistic. Especially since most early info before has been not received well anyways.

Diablo 1+2 were good. The other early stuff (OG SC and WC) were products of the time - Compelling storytelling and worldbuilding were rare in videogames at that time. Literally everything they’ve done from SC2: part 1 onwards has been a dumpster fire in this regard.

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Diablo 1 wasn’t made by Blizzard or under Blizzard even.

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It was started by another company which was bought by blizzard and released a year or so later. Such is life in game development. The original dev wanted it to be turn based like xcom and it wasn’t until Blizzard got involved that it became real time. Pretty much all of the development work happened in that last year or so before release.

Blizzard played a central part in its success even if they didn’t start the work.

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I heard third Hand that this was a reason why certain features got cut from Gladius, like Unit responses. GW demanded them to be not longer than 2 seconds or something and it was completely baseless, just to mess with the Devs and show them who’s boss.

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A dev blog will be coming today! Was just waiting on last approval round