Was there supposed to be a comlink today?

Someone said on the 18th.


Ah well, there was also a full release of a finished game planned somewhere towards the end of last year


it was immeasurably complex to release a complete video game. Sure, it used to happen all the time before 2006. But it just cannot be done anymore.


Uhhhh… we have… technical complications? From the uhhh… ummm… Red Day?

We’re sooooorry


I mean considering that games have gotten much bigger and more complex since 2006, and what we’ve learned about crunch in the industry in the last few years, maybe it’s true that devs literally can’t release finished games in the timeframe their investors demand?


It’ll never not be funny


People used to build engines from scratch as part of the development process and the teams are larger than ever. I’m no fool, I’ve published an indie video game and I know how brutal they are to make. But its some other disease of the industry causing these problems. Whatever that is.

Actually its my hypothesis that “agile” is to blame. As a PM the thrash all these “Sprints” cause is the problem. It doesn’t actually work the way human beings truely work. That and cosmetics based microtransactions models.

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In FatShark’s case it’s all of that, and on top their flat structure which will inevitably lead to chaos and total and complete pulverization of responsibility.


The key problem many people have is that they take what fatshark intend to happen as somehow a prediction of what is going to happen.

I intend to have lots of thrusty sex with Margot Robbie, but it’s absolutely not going to happen.

So, my advice is whenever Fatshark make an announcement to do with Darktide consider some of these handy little phrases I’ve put together…

“We’re planning a big update end of May that will fix a lot of player concerns without introducing more problems” = “Elon musk will give me a squillion money”

“We’ve got some big plans for addressing player feedback” = “Scarlett Johansen is going to ride you like a grand national winner”

"We’re breaking the locks " = “We’ve arranged for you to throw the Superbowl-Winning touchdown pass which results in you being sucked off by at least 15 cheerleaders”

“Expect a comms link on 25th with effective information, balance pass and you can pick your own maps, missions and modifiers” = “Chris Hemsworth is going to take you to dinner, enjoy your company and then give you so many orgasms you flop around on the bed like a landed fish” (one for the ladies here)

Stop believing them. Look at their actions. Fatshark don’t particularly like their customers, or their feedback.


The phuck’s a “red day”?

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I assumed you were straight up joking but they really blamed the red day lololol


That was, uh, a very sexually charged post. Everything alright there?

Thats true the comm link in facts at may 18… But we have couple of day left until 18… So be patient… Ohh and dont forget that would be just a comm link not the actual patch the patch live somewhere end of may.

Today was supposed to be the day it released. They said its delayed until the 25th.

It’s not just FS to be fair. Though they are sadly no exception.

IMO this started to be a thing when broadband became commonplace. Dev teams who had to sell a game actually bug free and ready to play didn’t shove their game out as pre-alphas then ride their most dedicated fans hard for months of free testing.

Though. Dai Katana :roll_eyes:

Thats still the 18th if you round down.

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