We're getting Blessing Updates (apparently)

Unless we know how much the weakspot dmg is buffed, there is no way to tell.


This. The cleave change is fairly self-explanatory (it is, objectively, a nerf) but whether the weakspot damage will make up for that, we’ll just have to wait and see.

What other weapons have Brutal Momentum/Deathblow? Heavy swords with the special-heavy combo will be interesting to see with the weakspot bonus, and they were never lacking in cleave to begin with. Power Maul, I feel like it’d be so-so unless the special attack benefits from weakspot damage boosts since only the first 2 lights are reliable for headshots, right?

Those are all weapons that have them.

For some of them, the blessing would be pretty bad, if the cleave bonus only applied to 1 hit, instead of having a fixed duration.
Certain weapons barely get weakspot hits at all (due to attack patters and body part prioritization) and can only really make use of the blessing thanks to the effect duration.
Also, as others have pointed out, if the bonus cleave only applies to a single attack upon headhot kill (either the attack itself, or the followup attack), this would cripple the blessing for weapons that do not meet 1 shot breakpoints on trashmobs (which would make those weapons even worse against hordes, since they would not get the bonus on every swing, when attacking a horde).

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maybe, my take would be it means mellee attack speed that tends to be the phrasing, rate of fire is usually how they talk about ranged , like splattering yourself with blood gets youa ll fired up for up close and personal axe work type of thing

i think that is something we should probably expect. brutal momentum on the axe is one of them i think is highly likely to come away greatly diminished in horde clear.

I don’t see these blessing updates like all seem to read them, however, having BM or Deathblow activated by a kill on a weakspot is absolute garbage.
This is how shock & awe works, so just look how it works so good (= trash blessing that gives no real effect ).

I really hope they won’t go this way.

But, making BM activated by a weakspot hit could work. Could cause, as Flawless pointed it, there are weapons that have move pattern that won’t work with such change.

In fact, the problem of weapons is the cleave system. Why a bolter is so efficient? it cleaves. Why a CA with BM is a great choice? it cleaves great.
Anything that doesn’t cleave is a bad weapon, or close to that.

How to change BM?
Frankly, what are the weapons where BM is the most efficient? the axes, rashad, antax and tactical axes. If they nerf BM, cleaver and Ps will become extremly strong.
Maybe a simple shock & awe fixe could work. Instead of ignoring enemy mass, maybe something like ignore 50% of enemy mass could fix the situation.
But then, there would be a need to adjust it with cleaver / PS.
That would not change that deathblow is so bad that nerfing it is a bad idea.
Also shock & awe needs to be fixed to be able to use it. Simply increase the duration.

Shock and Awe is bad because it only provides cleave on Thunder Hammers that are not lacking in cleave and can, at best, kill 3 targets per swing (if you’re lucky). Rank 3+ only needs 3 stacks to reach infinite cleave, but (1) is moderately staggering infinite targets useful for the Thunder Hammer, and (2) is it more useful than Power blessings that give you a limited increase to targets hit, but with more damage and more stagger for all of those targets?

This is the strange part of the change for me, seeing as they changed Devastating Strike to work kinda like this, although it appears to be a fixed amount of hit mass ignored. In either case, a quantity of hit mass ignored (be it percent or fixed) can scale with blessing tier and it stays within the boundaries of the hit mass system rather than throwing it all out the window and treating everything as 0.

Infinite cleave should be a difficult, if not impossible, thing to achieve in gameplay (although the proposed changes make it easy to achieve, difficult to run wild with). With the wide variability in # targets damaged and hit mass budgets, the result of infinite cleave ranges from “Why?” to “This is crazy good”, which is hard to work with and balance around.

Deathblow, I would argue, suffers the least because the heavy swords already cleave well on their light attacks so additional cleave is the icing on top, and their heavy attacks are great at hitting weakspots.

Shock & awe does not stack. In 0.5s anyways, you cannot swing a second time.
So, shock & awe deserves a fix cause, actually, this is a useless blessing

It is making a great blessing a garbage blessing. I am seriously not in favor of making blessings bad.
Decapitator is totally useless cause you have to one shot an enemy to see it proc. They need to find easier ways to activate and lower the effects.

Then, maybe they could lower the cleave effect of HS… to make several blessing shines (savage sweep also).

I really think that the cleave system is what makes unbalanced several weapons. They have to find a good balance between weapons and also blessings.
But changing the way to achieve an effect to make it harder, is not something that could please me.
Think about it. Every blessings that have difficult ways to activate the effect are not used. I am sure that if speedload had not the requirement of sliding, there would be more players interested in it. Changing the slide action to something like “when clip is not empty” or “when clip is empty” would make this blessing a lot more interesting.
So, I cannot like such changes… especially cause it will impact severely the melee combats and reinforce the role of the ranged weapons that are already really important.

What if you kill multiple targets in a single swing? I’ve never tried it myself, but that’s the only possible way I’ve reasoned about how it could stack. If it can’t stack multiple times per swing, then I’d argue it’s bugged and bad :joy:

I don’t think it’s solely down to difficulty of activating. In many cases, the reward isn’t really there. On the Force Sword, I could take Superiority which gives me 5% power/stack when I kill an elite… or I could take Slaughterer which gives me 15% power/stack when I kill anything… or I could take Unstable Power which gives me 5% power/stack for interacting with my class mechanic.

If you swapped the numbers around to give Superiority a 15% bonus and Slaughterer a 5% bonus, would you consider Superiority a more compelling choice?

I can’t speak to the tacaxes because I don’t use them and the weakspot bonus may make/break the change for these weapons, but headshot kills with melee weapons is definitely on the easier end of the spectrum when it comes to activation requirements in a horde setting. Caxes benefit from sufficiently high damage to reliably one shot horde enemies, and heavy swords/power swords can fairly reliable hit multiple heads at once. The remaining weapons, BM will be a much smaller boost to their stagger in favour of a boost to headshots. Is that a good tradeoff? :person_shrugging:

Sliding for speedload isn’t a big deal IMO, but the benefit of the blessing (on the revolver, at least) leaves it feeling a bit lacklustre. I’m not sure if the buff even lasts long enough to complete a reload from empty.

Well, cleave is the niche that the heavy sword excels at (arguably that is largely enabled by Headtaker nearly doubling its offensive stats). Savage Sweep does well on other weapons (like Chainsword/Evis), since they’re more middle-of-the-road your cleaving - they have enough cleave that you get a substantial buff in absolute terms, but not so high that it largely goes to waste.

So long as blessings are shared across different classes of weapons, their effectiveness will vary because those weapons will perform differently.

it doesn’t

Can’t argue the contrary. You’re right here.

I tend to think blessings that increase damages are too good. I would not mind to see several of them a little lowered.

Don’t know also… As I don’t need to slide when I use a ranged weapon (or rarely), I never tried this blessing.

well, won’t say the contrary. But it cleaves so well that the blessings that increase cleave are useless…
So, they should find a new utility to these blessings, or lower the cleave effect of the HS, maybe for better damages. Don’t know the perfect solution, but what I know is that there is a lot of blessings that are not picked by players, and also several weapons never used.
This is, in my opinion, the main problem of this game.
I started a new zealot. At level 11 I could enter Heresy. Good. So started to play in it with my bad axe and my revolver. Not fantastic, but we managed it. Then I tried a combat blade… I returned, after the wipe, to the axe. Sad… but realistic. There are weapons that are really better. At level 12 you get the bolter. It has made my life really easier… cause this weapon is what is called a meta (and what I call a too strong weapon not balanced)

To the Bug Report mobile! That blessing is taking a real beating - it’s lacklustre, it’s highly impractical and it cannot reasonably stack. RIP :skull_and_crossbones:

Ye, I’m just using those blessings as an example. Big numbers can be okay, but I think the effort needs to be better matched with the reward the blessing gives - there’s a place in the game for low effort/low reward buffs to provide a minor but highly reliable benefit, and high effort/high reward to provide a major but situational benefit, and everything in between

You’re missing out on a bonus to cool factor!

I don’t think there is a perfect solution, but hopefully we can see incremental changes to make all weapons feel like they have a niche and are not grossly overshadowed by other weapons.

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Superiority could also keep the 5% per stack, but get a buff to its duration instead, so it would last for around 20 s.
That way, it requires elite kills to stack it up, but has potential for high uptime and allows for weapon swaps without losing the blessing’s stacks.

Slaughterer has a stronger bonus, but requires you to stack it up again for every single engagement. The buff even frequently runs out when swapping weapons, and sometimes even while in an engagement with multiple elites.

Imo, slaughterer could take a small nerf (10% per stack instead of 15% for example), but superiority definitely needs a massive boost to duration, considering that it has the drawback of only stacking upon elite kill.

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Of course - I didn’t want to get hung up on the specifics of how to make it compelling, so swapping the numbers was the quick and dirty example :joy: Making it easier to sustain (through better duration, stacks expiring 1 at a time, or both) would be a welcome change to offset the larger ramp up.

ehehey! they took my feedback!


I actually liked it. It was good for braced autoguns where you’re constantly moving forward or out in the open mowing stuff down. I’m frequently reloading during slides because it keeps up momentum and reduces downtime, and the faster reload only helps with that.

It seems to have changed to “after a melee kill” at some point, which makes it suck really hard.

Ye, that change sounds rough. The weapon bashes aren’t gonna get you a melee kill reliably, so you’re gonna have to swap to melee, kill something, then swap back and reload. Unless you’re fighting a single enemy, you’re gonna get punished.

If it persisted until your next reload, I could get behind that. Holding a reload speed buff isn’t anywhere near as strong as holding a crit buff like you could with Bloodthirsty, and we can already hold a reload buff with the Veteran’s reload speed on elite kill feat


I don’t get why a Blessing needs such a strong conditional anyway.
The sliding was dumb and the melee kill is also dumb. Just have it be +20% reload speed flat. No ifs, no buts. It’s still only an A-Tier Blessing at best, because Utility unless REALLY good is usually not as strong as more power or defense in video games.

1/5th reload time reduction is not any huge boon. Your gun is still limited by ammo, accuracy and multiple other factors.
Compare with “my gun gets 20% stronger because I am a mag dumper” and “My gun gets 15% power on the first shot, every time I shoot a salvo”.

Not all things are equal here.


I agree on this…

Which makes it faster to just dodge whatever single enemy is swinging at you while reloading, then kill it.

I think the idea now is that it’s supposed to get you back into a ready state faster after dealing with stuff in melee. Like, you blast away at stuff while it approaches, then switch to melee to kill it, then switch back and get a quick reload and you’re back to blasting that little bit faster. In reality it just doesn’t really make much of a difference either in perception or actual impact.

Speedload definitely (used to) fit into the “fun” group more than the “powerful” group. Like I said, it helped to keep up momentum, which made gunplay feel more fluid. That’s why it was so good on braced AGs. The requirement to slide wasn’t a big deal because it was something I was doing all the time anyway - It felt like a bonus for playing well rather than a condition I had to meet to get the benefit.

I’d go so far as to say that it was one of the better designed blessings. I’d like to see more of them built to reward players for playing well rather than just giving flat buffs or that use inane (or even detrimental) conditions that, for example, amount to “hold left/right click for longer”.

Now it’s neither fun nor powerful, it’s just clunky and situational.

removing random weapon stats would be lame


This isn’t an agreement or a disagreement with that: Why do you say so?