We're getting Blessing Updates (apparently)

Hey there!
As you may have noticed with patch 1.1.22 some blessing descriptions are missing.
On a closer look (if you ever dipped your toes into programming) you will notice that the reason the descriptions are missing is because some “variables” are missing.

For example
context.weakspot_damage undefined
Brutal Momentum is receiving a weakspot damage modifier alongside with its “ignore mass” trait

Another example:
context.finesse undefined
Decapitator is probably going to give us Finesse now instead of Rending (or maybe both, we’ll see)

This is big if true.
By the way, someone on Reddit had the same idea and put together this spreadsheet which I found very interesting:



That’s a tall order, and one that already doesn’t look good, considering the blessings system right now is basically “whack all the garbage to slap the only 2 useful blessings on your weapon”

There’s no choice

And the changes i see if they’re true, aren’t going to change anything about that

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Well… Let’s hope they also update the crafting system.

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I sure do love updates to my gear in a gacha system without any refunds!

Even if this changes very little, not cool.


Damn this sounds OP, stack sprint efficiency and maybe some stamina and you probably can just run straight at shooters squad without even sliding. Depends on what ‘over’ means tho - 90% or 50%.

Also this one is kinda strange, like your gun will magicaly shoot faster? Machine spirit is pleased by killing i suppose.

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Is it any stranger than your bullets hitting harder when you kill enemies?

Fire Frenzy on the Achlys (is FF available on stubbers?), time to channel my inner Heavy Weapons Guy!

were da orks now

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Doesn’t matter which is stranger. Both are fair enough effects to have for a blessing.

It just really grinds my gears that I spent a lot of time trying to get firefrenzy for quite a few weapons and now I am told that I wasted my time while having no chance to anticipate this change / not being given the option to change this reworked aspect of my gear.

gacha game, gacha rules FS, adhere to your own creations rulebook ffs.


Well, let’s hope that the “gacha game” will no longer apply after the update.

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Well from a visual perspective - no, it’s a bit different cause weapon is in your hands and you basically operating with it, while bullest are somwhere there at the enemy side.

This would have to mean the removal of locks entirely, no more having to unlock blessings and no more random weapon stats (in whichever form that would take) if we’re being accurate to the meaning of gacha…

I want to be optimistic too but that level of optimism seems woefully naive.

I’d love nothing more than for DT to rid itsself of this gacha c*ncer.


Well, the message I was replying to suggested it was strange, I don’t think anyone was questioning it’s validity in game. An attack speed buff sounds like fun (and I’m all for more varied blessing effects). Achlys stubber, Fire Frenzy, big gun go brrrrr

Better to wait… for now, the “descriptions” mean nothing.

Looking at the reddit thread where a number of images of the full description text was posted, it’s a fairly strong indicator - Reddit - Dive into anything

There’s no guarantee that this is part of patch 13, but the fact that these text changes exist in the first place is reason enough (for me) to believe that these changes will be coming.


Also, the new potential changes seem pretty good and different, which is also an indication that this might come with the next patch.

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Based OP bringing us answers and reason.

Have a Happy Shark, enlightened one.

Please let’s not start the nerf calling even before this dropped. I’m quite excited they are doing something new with the useful-useless Blessings.


I read all the new descriptions, each and every one is an improvement. They addressed exactly what the community asked of them. I don’t even see a single weird nerf or anything out of the picture. I am amazed.

For one, none of the new Blessings are too situational. They are no longer bound by weird critera for use.
Secondly, most of the new Blessing variants scale a lot better with the weapon attributes. Like Decapitator scaling with Finesse. This means that weapons that have Finesse as an attribute can scale it up even higher and rolling a good Finesse value actually matters now.
Thirdly, some have their worst detriment taken away. See Limb Splitter below.

Best of:
Limbsplitter is now on a scaling (per level) cooldown instead of penalizing power on follow up attacks. So every X seconds you get one really powerful attack out.
Brutal Momentum, Deathblow, Decapitator and Powderburn all scale with various weapon attributes that you can roll.
Stripped Down is straight up top tier utility now, it will make sprinting from cover to cover a viable strategy and as it is only up if you have above X stamina, Fatshark also just made sprint efficiency stacking a valuable build idea.

I can’t believe what I’m seeing. I really like it. They really did it. They might have just made every single Blessing a strong competitor to each other.

I can’t wait to playtest this. And the skilltrees will make it even juicier.


I’m not, just speculating

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I’ll be curious to see how the BM and Devastating Strike ones play out.

The BM/Deathblow change fits combat axes and heavy swords nicely, although I’m curious just how useful it would be on something like the Power Maul since you’d have to combo cancel a lot. The magnitude of the weakspot bonus will be interesting to see as well, given the way weakspot bonus damage is applied.

Devastating Strike being given its duration back is nice. I wonder how it’ll perform compared to Savage Sweep, since they will be even more alike now.

I hope people will give the changes a fair chance, and not immediately jump to “Thanks for f***ing up everything I grinded for”

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Nah if anything gets bricked, FS deserved to be dragged for dying on the lock hill.