Weird War Concept: WW2 Occults

Background [Historical]:

At the start of the war, the Nazi forces were interested in any way to increase their military mights, while parts were hunting any witch and magical practitioner.

While it is usually exaggerated there are some kernel of truth, where they tried to really make upgraded soldiers, way to increase the number of injured that would be able to go back to the front and such.

Background [Game]:

As the peak of the war, as the Allies were developing new technologies, the German had all hands on decks, hunting Witches to use in their armies, taking the mad scientist to develop new technologies, and using tomes of knowledges that should not have been used.

Mechanic: Mainly Melee like Vermintide but with strong ranged to deal with higher threat enemies


Teams of soldier/resistant who are deep in the centre of Occupied Europe

The Witch: Polish citizen, young woman whose Witch Coven was hunted to research their powers. [Psyker like]
Melee: Magic aided weapons
Ranged: Mix of Polish/German manufactured guns and Magic staves/spells

The Knight: Hailing from old Catholic church order of Maltese Knight (Oldest branch of still somewhat active)
Melee: Knightly weapons, basically Kruber’s
Ranged: Mix of Italian and Spanish weapons

The Hunter/Wolf: Belgian Soldier, member of the Chasseur Ardenais
Melee: More modern weapons
Ranged: Belgian weapons

The Shaman: Hailing from the Gurkha Regiments, representing the British
Melee: Inspired by Indian and Nepalese
Ranged: Inspired by Indian and British weapons

The Wendigo: Native Canadian.
Melee: Traditional Amerindian weapons ?
Ranged: Weapon used by the Canadian forces and some magic one too


Roster close to Darktide’s system (Melee and ranged)

Zombie: Risen civilians and Wehrmacht soldier, melee only with very little armours
Zombie Nazi: Better armoured zombie which can survive a few more hits

(Living) Wehrmacht Soldier: Use normal guns and hand weapon, are not very well equipped
(Living) Nazi Soldiers: Use Experimental guns and hand weapons, much better equipped (Not elite)

Elite: All are either undead or Nazi experiment
Super Soldier: Giants of men, using great hammers/axe and wearing armours
Vampire Thrall: Berserker like melee unit

Experimenter: Nazi soldiers using weapons made out of artefact and sacrificed witches

  • Flamenwerfer
  • Minigun
  • Sniper

Ghoul: replace the Gutter Runner



Armoured/Augmented Mutant
Zombified Panzer Tankette (P35, small enough to go about anywhere, 522 Meter)

Zombified Maus Tank, bigger than others
Nazi Commander


Western and Eastern front. Mostly Europe and possibly north of America, having (as many Zombie Nazi games) trenches, factories, bunkers, hospitals, but also towns and villages.

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Could be cool although it looks to me like the gameplay would be but a version of Darktide. Still, it could be cool and fun.

It’s the difficulty, like a Tide game will always be somewhat similar to another

They would need to find way to make each of them stand out on their own