Weird spots on Screen

So I started playing a few days ago and everything was fine. Then, one time, I changed my game to windowed mode and then back to borderless fullscreen, after which weird spots started to appear on my screen, sometimes blinking and flickering. Here is a pic of those spots.
They come with a small fps-drop (from about 25 to about 15 fps, my PC is pretty low-tier) compared to before and neither changing any graphics settings, nor reinstalling the game or reinstalling my graphics driver did any good. Any Ideas?

EDIT: I also tried deleting the Vermintide-Folder in appdata, but that didnt help either
(made a Backup in case anyone would need some log files).

Hmmm, if on Windows 10, could you change your DirectX version within the launcher’s ‘Settings’ menu and see if the same occurs?

Otherwise - check for overheating:

Starting the game with DirectX 12 instead of 11 seems to have resolved this, thanks!

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